Parasyte: The Gray – Netflix confirmed the movie based on the legendary manga as a Korean series.

Netflix has a production Parasite: Gray Confirmed, the series by visionary director Yoon Sang Ho was inspired by the manga Hitoshi Iwaki and published by Kodansha Co., Ltd. The story revolves around parasitic life forms that live on their human host and seek to increase their strength. With society increasingly affected, the group plans to take action against the deadly threat.

Hitoshi Iwaki manga Parasites About the invasive life forms that inhabit human bodies and control their host, has sold more than 25 million copies in more than 20 regions and countries. The fictional story, full of philosophical themes, was adapted into animated films and live action films, attracting many fans. Now the thriller is being revived by Yeon Sang-ho, a prolific director known for many popular films and series.

From movies like Train to Busan and Peninsulawho co-founded Zombie Mania, to the critically acclaimed Netflix series destined to perish Yoon Sang Ho has created his own world, which is distinguished by his brilliant, unrestrained imagination. Now he is adding another work to this field by writing in Parasite: Gray Directed and co-wrote the script. Because of his concise thoughts on human nature in unusual situations in a chaotic world order, many are curious to know how he transforms the world into Parasites It will be designed on a Korean background. Ryu Yong-jae is the scriptwriter for the series Money Heist: Koreawhich debuted at the top of the top 10 global non-English series on Netflix in three days, will co-develop the engaging story with Yeon Sang-ho.

The outstanding cast will live up to expectations Parasite: Gray Another increase. Jeon So-nee takes on the role of Jeong Su-in, who is infected with a parasite. When a parasite fails to take control of her brain, the two enter into a strange symbiosis. Jeon So-nee is popular with fans in the series Write your destiny, when my love blooms And the face.. accomplish can score.

Ko Kyu Hwan and Lee Jong Hyun, both in the movie Peninsula Directed by Yeon Sang-ho they are also part of the cast. Koo Kyo-hwan plays Seol Kang-woo, who is tracking the trail of parasites to find his missing sister. Koo Kyo-hwan, who always dives into his roles to the fullest, wowed audiences in the Netflix series DP and a Netflix movie Kingdom: Northern Ash. Lee Jung-hyun plays Choi Jun-kyung, the commander of “Team Gray,” a special unit that fights parasites. Having lost her husband to parasites, she devoted herself to fighting the invaders. Lee Jung-hyun can look back at a wide variety of roles, for example she played in the most important movie in Korea Admiral: Loud Currents with.

Through their dynamic portrayal of characters, the three impressively convey the events of how parasitic life forms infect the world. Climax Studio, the creative force that makes hits like destined to perish And the DP And global content production company WOW POINT is leading production. The fantasy and equally exciting world of the series Parasite: Gray It will only be available on Netflix.

Universe Parasite: Gray With its great history it will only be available on Netflix.

Production information

Title: Parasyte: The Gray

Original work: “KISEIJU (Parasyte)” by Hitoshi Iwaki and published by Kodansha

Director: Yoon Sang Ho

Screenplay: Yoon Sang Ho, Ryu Young Jae

Starring: Jeon So Ni, Ko Kyu Hwan, Lee Jong Hyun

Production: Climax Studio, WOW POINT

Distribution: Netflix

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About Kodansha:

Kodansha Ltd. It is the leading publishing house in Japan, with its headquarters located in Tokyo. Since 1909, the publishing company has offered global readers a wide variety of stories, from comics to novels, fashion magazines, dailies and children’s picture books, as well as animated series, films, series and video games. Kodansha is the globally recognized licensee of some of the most popular graphic novels such as AKIRA, Attack on Titan and Ghost in the Shell.

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