Marilyn Monroe on Netflix: It’s all about incest

Marilyn Monroe’s new documentary reveals that she dreamed of having sex with her father

New Netflix Documentary About Marilyn Monroe

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The new Netflix documentary Mystery Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes is now dedicated to previously unreleased audio recordings and reveals fascinating details from the life of a Hollywood legend.

Her death is a mystery. Conspiracies are still prevalent today. Investigative journalist Anthony Summers wanted to get to the heart of the rumors of the 1980s. He planned for three weeks, but it turned out to be years. He conducted about a hundred interviews. Meet friends, acquaintances and colleagues of Monroe. Talk to investigators, psychologists, and hairdressers. Now his findings have been summed up in a documentary for the first time: “Mystery Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes” is a new Netflix documentary about the Hollywood legend. The never-before-heard tape recordings that Summers collected during his research are new.

It’s about their rise in Hollywood, their marriage, their traumatic childhood, taking pills, miscarriages, perfectionism, and frailty. Interviews and film footage from the late 1940s, 1950s, and early 1960s were used in the documentary.

New on Netflix: “Mystery Marilyn Monroe”

Marilyn Monroe’s childhood is repeatedly shown in the documentary. At a young age, Monroe experienced little to no stability. She was housed in various foster families and also lived in a children’s home for several years, while her mother lived in institutions for mentally ill women. Her friend and actress Peggy Fiori, Cassette 52A, tells that Monroe was abused as a child. The question of Marilyn Monroe’s biological father during his lifetime could not be clarified. However, on Monroe’s birth certificate, her stepfather at the time is entered, with whom there is actually no longer any contact. However, she has speculated herself on Charles Stanley Gifford. He was her mother’s boss in a film company and had an affair with her. Variety recently reported that Gifford was posthumously confirmed as Monroe’s father.

In the documentary, Schneider tells Henry Rosenfeld, Little Cassette Number 98, who was a close friend of Marilyn Monroe to the end, about Monroe’s plans to take revenge on her father: “She really wanted to meet her father. I remember a party and a game we played. Everyone had to say what he wanted. More in the world she wanted to wear a black wig and pick up her dad at a bar to make love with her. And then she said, “And how does it feel to have a daughter you slept with? ”

Later in the documentary, the film also revolves around Monroe’s intimate relationships with the Kennedy brothers Robert and John F. , about the fact that Monroe’s house was wiretapped. Investigative journalist Anthony Summers also talks about his own research into the circumstances of Monroe’s death and the question of whether and by whom it was covered up.

Overall, the documentation offers little new for interested Monroe fans except for the tape recordings. For others, it’s definitely a good introduction to the colorful life of a Hollywood legend and is a perfect fit as a background knowledge for the upcoming Netflix movie “Blonde”. James Bond star Anna de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in the biopic. According to the “Collider” portal, it should be the first movie on Netflix to receive an FSK 18 rating. The reason: too much bare skin. If you’ve seen the documentary before, you can guess what it might be about.

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