A weekend dedicated to bats and honeybees

Dear MV Explorers,

The summer holidays are over, and school has started again in our country. But fortunately, summer does not end with the end of the holiday. Temperatures drop a bit again on the weekend and there may be showers. Hopefully this won’t hurt the many fun activities planned. In Wismar, for example, half of the market square will again be converted into a large beach volleyball court on Saturday. The Wismar club RT-Cup stacked hundreds of tons of gravel for this. 32 recreational teams will participate in the traditional beach volleyball tournament starting at 9 am.

Less sporty will be the Fifth Honey Market in northern Germany on August 27 from 10am-6pm in Nikolaikirche in Wismar, where about 20 beekeepers will attend. The market is organized by the State Beekeepers Association of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern together with the Wismar Beekeepers Association. People now know what bees, beekeepers and honey are, says Reinhard Schultz, part of the market preparation team.

But there’s also a lot going on at Usedom at the weekend. There, for example, bat lovers young and old can participate on Friday in Traditional bat night in the Neu Pudagla forest office Starting at 3 pm and explore a lot about bats. Among other things, bats can be made and the design of bat masks.

If you still want to indulge in holiday memories, even if they aren’t yours: The OZ Photo Contest runs through Friday. Ten photos entered the vote. The top three will win an OZ Beach Package including beach towels, sunglasses, slippers, and more. Survey participants have a chance to win an Amazon voucher worth ten euros. So vote quickly!

We wish you a wonderful and eventful weekend!

Your OZ Entertainment Team

Weekend weather

This weekend, it’s all about the mix: While Thursdays and Fridays, with sweltering summer temperatures and water temperatures in excess of 20 degrees, are almost inviting for a swim, visits to the city are certainly a reasonable alternative on an unsettled Saturday. Due to the dry nature of the weather but mild temperatures, Sundays are predestined for hikes or bike rides across our diverse federal states.

The best stories from the country

Marriage on the beach

There is also good news from the Baltic Sea resort of Kühlungsborn. Couples can say yes here – against a beautiful sea backdrop. The Baltic Sea Resort has made the area between beach entrances 27 and 28 available for free weddings. Anyone who wants to exchange vows there can contact Claudia Schatzberg. Celebrations are organized on the beach.

From Hansa Rostock to Indonesia

From Malchin to Jakarta: After a break from football, Thomas Doll has taken on a new job. The 56-year-old, whose brilliant career began at Hansa Rostock, has been a coach at Percija Jakarta in Indonesia since May. OZ spoke to Mecklenburger about his new job, his family, newcomer Hansa Hanno Behrens, and life in the skyscraper.

Selling for a good cause in Doberan

The story of Lily and Bruna from Bad Doberan is very touching. With the sale of 20 liters of lemonade, the children raised 900 euros in July to help sick children. Friends donated the proceeds to the Mike Möwenherz team at Rostock University of Medicine. “I’m sorry, I almost cried when I saw the pictures of the kids,” Bruna says.

picture reader of the week

Fantastic view of the harbor yesterday on the edge of Sail nin Sassnitz in Rügen

Weekly surprises

Binz on Netflix

Landscape films or documentaries about Rügen are a dime a dozen. But now the Baltic resort of Binz has a really funny look – in the new Netflix series “Kleo”.

loyal worker

Anyone over the age of 60 usually yearns for retirement – but not Gabriel Langforth. Born in Greifswald is a passionate dental technician who would love to continue doing her job at the age of 66. Additionally, she has had the same employer for 50 years: University Medicine in Greifswald.

More advice at Reisereporter.de

Far from over-tourism and crowded cities, there are still many places in the world where you can be calm. For example in countries that already have a small population. These countries include not only Iceland and Greenland, but also countries such as Suriname and Guyana.

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