Where Meet the Winds: Assassin’s Creed Meets Tsushima Revealed

Where the wind meets Announced at Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live. This is the Open world role-playing gameAnd the Exclusively for PCprogramming Everstone Studios and posted it Netease games. And what was shown there was excellent: great visuals, accompanied by great music, an action packed combat system with great moves and elements. martial arts Such as tai chi, kung fu and qigong.

a certain similarity to The famous Ubisoft brand Assassin’s Creed (The new game in the series will likely be announced next week), from the animation to gameplay elements like climbing. But it also brings back memories of the popular action game Ghost of Tsushima, especially with the design of the environment and when the hero rides in the landscape. So what is really behind Where Winds Meet and what does this RPG offer you? We have all the facts – and Extended gameplay trailer to look into.

Where and when does the Wind Meet venue play?

As preparation, the Chinese team Everstone Studio chose the last days of the so-called Ten kingdoms era, so it is supposed to be put into operation around the year 960. After many political upheavals in China, countless independent states emerged in the south of the country. This topic is also covered in the trailer, which begins with a song. “The Beautiful Lady Yu” was written by Li Huzhou, the last king of the Southern Tang Empire at the time, also known as the King of Poetry.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, you take one turn Swordsman Roam. Just like the Ghost of Tushima, how you act in this world is up to you – follow your moral rules, protect the innocent and fight for justice, or just take care of yourself and risk creating chaos in the world and sliding war away. Whether you want your fighter in range editor Can design yet unknown. Where the wind meets But he wants to go beyond just making ethical decisions, and more on the matter role-playing aspects.

Where Winds Meet: Open World Gameplay Demo

The hero in Where Winds Meet is A Experienced swordsman. The game contains a counter system – It might be similar to Ghost of Tsushima or Sekiro – but it expands it with moves that come from Chinese martial arts. with help Tai Chi You reverse attacks, thanks to your acrobatic skills, bypass enemy cover to land critical strikes. With the principle of mix and match, you should be able to grow your own style thanks to many maneuvers and combos ranged fight It is also an aspect of the confluence of winds. You will not only use your skills against human opponents, but also against them wild beasts And the supernatural creatures, which then require different approaches. To progress, you walk on water and walls, even acupuncture has been applied in the gameplay.

What are the aspects of role playing?

When Winds Meet isn’t a pure action game, you have other business opportunities besides the battles. For anyone, there open world, which comes with many secrets and should invite you to explore them. Apparently, you can take on professions, such as becoming a doctor to help sick and injured NPCs, or merchants, thus collecting a large amount of gold. It reminds me a bit of Fallout 4 building system. With 600 authentic ingredients you must do it yourself Build structures in the game world ability. According to the press release, freedom plays a key role — you can do all of these jobs part-time, but you don’t have to. If you just want to follow the main story, you can. So we don’t expect story progression to be tied to certain level limits or side quests like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

Who are Everstone Studios?

The Chinese team has been called up Emerging Games Studio Described who wants to focus on the open world, epic and historical stories and martial arts. The goal of Where Winds Meet is to attract an international audience while faithfully implementing the Far East environment. great inspiration is Wuxia – This is how one understands Popular type in China Within fiction, focusing on martial arts fighters and an ancient environment. Often these heroes come from humble origins and fight not for any masters, but for justice. While wuxia media is widespread in Asia, this genre is rarely found here, especially in video games. An example of a film also known in Germany is Tiger and Dragon; In the gaming area, the PS3 launch title Heavenly Sword tried to convey a similar feeling.

Meet the Winds Trailer: Assassin’s Creed Meets Ghost of Tsushima (1) [Quelle: Everstone Studio]

Where does the wind meet – will it happen?

As impressive as the trailer looks, there is a certain amount of skepticism. Because: Everstone Studio comes out of nowhere, there aren’t many Triple-A studios in China. Especially since the impressive trailers of various Chinese games often haunt the web, which disappoints in terms of gameplay. Or there is simply no way to evaluate an outcome. Moreover Wuchang: Falling Feathers Enchanting viewers in 2021 with a great trailer, the title, which is obviously based on Dark Souls, was released, but not yet. How “real” is the gameplay in the Where Winds Meet trailer? not clear. However, it should still A beta test will be conducted in 2022which may reveal more. How to participate, whether it is a closed or open beta, is unknown.

Also whether it is where the winds meet A full price game is whether it works Microtransactions and Free2Play – A widely used distribution model for Chinese addresses – Not yet announced. So the motto for now is: Hold on, drink jasmine tea and enjoy the undoubtedly great trailer. There is no release date yet.

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