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Netflix’s next real crime frenzy? After the films “Tiger King”, “The Tinder Swindler”, “Bad Vegan” and all sorts of other documentaries better or worse than eccentric, crazy and simply amazing heroes and their works, the streaming service comes with the following success: “Wild World of John McAfee”. The founder of the popular PC antivirus program, whose biography has become increasingly eccentric over the past few decades, is portrayed to put it mildly. This includes: exile on a Caribbean island, a mysterious murder of his neighbour, lots of guns, drugs and alcohol, more than just a cinematic escape, first from Belize, then from prison, the subsequent candidacy for the President of the United States and tales of intriguing intrigues even the highest circles of politics. What is real and real and what is pure fiction became a fact that cannot be judged conclusively even after watching the documentary, in which the hero always played with different levels of reality and stories about himself. Ultimately, it’s not even certain whether McAfee, who officially passed away in 2021, is still alive.

by Christian Close

In terms of content, the story of the charismatic developer, who after fame and success tried his hand as a yoga teacher and meditated for a while until he got bored with it too, offers a wealth of frenzy and madness not seen since the movie “Tiger”. King.” Manufacturers can deduce from the full story, the John McAfee story would provide enough material for several feature films or an entire documentary series. In that regard, it’s a pity to see how little it was made of. “Come to Hell: The Wild World of John McAfee” It’s not worth watching because of its narrative style and presentation, but however – allowing direct conclusions to be drawn about the value of the material.

Director Charlie Russell limits himself to presenting an unbridled mosaic of camera recordings, archival photos, interviews with ex-girlfriends, acquaintances and journalists, which are sorted neither chronologically nor by content. The cut also leaves a lot to be desired. One feels as if a huge pot full of absurdity is being poured in front of him, and its contents are intended to provide a caring charm only through its repellent and alluring effect. It does too – but still a bit of a gloom, because what would have been possible here if the creators had taken more time and taken care of sorting?

“Come hell: The wild world of John McAfee” is also one of the somewhat rare instances where more would have been more, not less, in other words: a mini-series with a few episodes and a total running time of 4 hours plus would be the perfect format , to present at least part of the material that the hour and a half long film deals with.


Netflix fails to hunt down the next true crime block not because of the found substance, but because of itself: “Come hell: The wild of John McAfee” is not a new “Tiger King” cult, but not because the protagonist can’t compete with the frenzy Strange atmosphere, but because the work was just so sloppy and careless. Nevertheless, the documentary about the strange life of the well-known software billionaire remains an interesting viewing experience, which can only be attributed to the material and its heroes. One could almost hope that another production team (or Netflix on a second try?) would take over this crazy story (life) that could fill so many series. Since 24.8. on Netflix.


Rating: 7 out of 10.


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