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Outdoor series “Sommerflimmern” begins again in Thon-Dittmer-Palais: “Bruckner”, the biggest independent export hits in Regensburg, and the electro-pop duo “Umme Block” and “Moon Mates” are allowed to start. The rest of the program also includes music, literature, and more from Regensburg and the surrounding area.

On Thursday 25 August, the outdoor series “Sommerflimmern” in cooperation with “Verband für Popkultur” will be held in Bayern E. V.” Open. Regensburg’s biggest indie pop export will kick things off: “Brückner”. The electro-pop duo “Umme Block” and young Regensburg artists from “Moon Mates” will be accompanied by the musicians.

Opening night starts at 7pm, admission starts at 6pm. Tickets are available for €15 from or at the box office. The next eight evenings continue with a colorful mix of music, literature and dance.

Arkadenhof’s musical range: from indie pop to rock and hip-hop

On Friday, August 26, Iona Lux will perform soft melodies and melancholy sounds in her own style on stage. The artist shares the stage with the soft rock band Tales of Ojela. On Saturday, August 27, newcomer “Peter from Mozartstrasse” will present a show with a mixture of indie pop and hip-hop influences. Then she gets rocky with “Brew Berrymore” and futuristic rock from Regensburg.

Nice singer-songwriter songs from Regensburg

Monday August 29, 2022 will be a quieter and gentler evening with a singer-songwriter. The four artists “Ronja Künstler”, “Tim Bleil”, “dwell Museum” and “Cherry Cheeks” provide soft tones and strong texts. Guitars and raps will continue on Friday 2nd September. FLIMMER shares the stage with Modern Fireworks and evokes an evening with synthetic guitars, bass and casual acoustic sounds.

The musical ends with the songs “Ale Galata” and “Hadé”

Saturday, September 3rd is all about the music: “Marlin Beach” brings a mix of pop, funk, and classic ’80s pop rock to its stage. The evening is fueled by the hypnotic and fun sounds of the “filter”. The musical finale to the open air series will be on Sunday, September 4th, with the new Regensburg music “Ale Galata” voiced by singer-songwriter. Behind the microphone is also a band “Hadé” with a colorful mix of every genre imaginable and Bavarian lyrics.

Interdisciplinary Outdoor Program: Contemporary Literature and Dance

Literary and dance evenings show that the “Summerflemern” series is interdisciplinary. On Wednesday, August 31, authors Rolf Stemmel, Julia Katherine Knoll and Mary Ann Ernst invite you to “Meet Regensburg” and tell stories between fact and fiction from the old town. The evening will be accompanied by Katha Rani with Celtic Harp.

On Thursday, September 1, the Elliot Dance Collective will show scenes from their theatrical run I forgot to remember. Also this evening is the dance show “DAKAPO” by Eva Egger and Amalia Dari. “DAKAPO” is a piece for seven dancers and combines dance, performance art, language and mythical characters from different mythological backgrounds.

More info about Summer Shimmer

From August 25 to September 4, 2022, the outdoor series Sommerflimmern presents a colorful program in the inner courtyard of the Thon-Dittmer-Palais Palace with literature, music and dance. Evenings usually start at 7:30 pm, and admission is from 6:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased for €7 at or at the box office. Opening evening begins August 25 at 7 pm, admission from 6 pm. Tickets for the opening night can be purchased for 15 euros at or at the box office. More information and the detailed program can be found at

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