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Live arts streaming service MUBI also likes to move into experimental areas and shows of works that are more likely to be seen in museums than in cinemas. In September, he had a small retrospective with short works by the British video artist
John Smith in the wallet. Smith, born in Walthamstow, London, in 1952, blurs the boundaries between documentaries, fiction and abstracts in his short films, playing playfully and humorously with the mediums of film language and repeatedly devoting himself to new (everyday) themes, such as the Corona pandemic. The 2020 short film The Castle was produced during the first lockdown and combines fragments of Boris Johnson’s speeches and impressions from the City of London.

“Castle” (© MUBI)

Focus on Thomas Arslan

Another focal point of September is the German-Turkish director Tomas Arslan, one of the most important representatives of the “Berlin School”. Below from 11.9. Also a feature film debutturn down the music(1994), a traumatic environmental study of a 16-year-old boy who lives with his mother in a welfare building on the outskirts of Essen and is more anxious than musing about the end of school. The film thrives on its proximity to the place and its residents, and the main roles are played by young, believable amateur actors.

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Arlsan’s film series also includes other early works such as “Siblings – Kardesler“(1996),”Dealers – Agents“(1998) and”beautiful day(2001).

MUBI also uses a file in August I started saluting the actress Tilda Swinton far. Among other things, her oppressive appearance in the drama”We need to talk about Kevin, where she plays a mother whose son committed a bloody massacre at school. boss Lynn Ramsay It reveals the image of a traumatized woman whose relationship with her child has been deeply disturbed since birth. in “The last and first man(from 7.9.) by Johan Johansson
Then only Tilda Swinton could be heard. movie about Brutalist architectural monuments of remembrance and the end of mankind combine three levels: Yugoslav architecture from the 1950s to the 1980s, Johansson’s music after the turn of the millennium, and Olaf Stapledon’s science fiction novel The Last and First People of the 1930s, which are combined through recitations by Swinton.

“The Last and First Men” (© Sturla Brandth Grovlen)

Classics from Pasolini’s films from Turkey

Starting September 15, MUBI will presentPigBy Pier Paolo Pasolini. In intertwined episodes, the 1969 film unfolds the story of two young men who want to break up with their social relationships, but ultimately fail in a shocking way. You can also discover a classic of Turkish cinema, which won the main prize at the Berlinale in 1964: “dry summerBy Metin Eriksan. Its events take place in a village where men are constantly competing for water and women, and this is done with money or violence; This is compounded in the form of an epic fraternal conflict. The film can be seen in a version brought back by the Martin Scorsese Foundation for World Cinema.

For more highlights, MUBI will be showing work by Japanese director Ryusuke Hamaguchi starting September 2. “Whether we sleep or wake up(2018) tells of a sad love triangle. The focus is on a young woman whose relationship with her boyfriend fails due to his destructive behavior; years later, she meets her partner and begins dating him — but then her first boyfriend appears.

MUBI program in September

September 1

Classical period (Focus Ted Fendt)

the blood

manta ray

purity castle

September 2

Whether we sleep or wake up

about love

September 3

On the road

Walter Salles movie based on Jack Kerouac's cult novel
Walter Salles film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road (© Concord)

September 4

We need to talk about Kevin (Tilda Swinton series)

September 7

The last and first man(Tilda Swinton series)

September 8

Outrageous (short film by Ian Gonzalez)

September 10

The State vs. Fritz Bauer

A chamber play-like biographical drama about Hesse State Prosecutor Fritz Bauer (1903-1968) (© Alamode)
A chamber play-like biographical drama about Hesse State Prosecutor Fritz Bauer (1903-1968) (© Alamode)

September 11

turn down the music(Thomas Arslan series)

September 12

The Girl Chewing Gum & Blight (short films, double feature John Smith)

13. September

The Black Tower & Shephards’ Delight (short films, double film by John Smith)

September 14

Destello Braview

Dad’s Stick (short film by John Smith)

September 15

Pig(Pasolini’s Passions series)

Citadel (short film directed by John Smith)

September 16

One second

Drama written by Zhang Yimou:
Drama directed by Zhang Yimou: “One Second” (© DCM Film / Mubi)

Ohm (short film by John Smith)

September 18

Technolist (Tilda Swinton series)

September 19

Siblings – Kardesler(Thomas Arslan series)

September 20

The night of those who know something

September 21

Towards Raqqa (a short documentary by Alice Diop)

September 22

The Night (a short film by Cai Ming Liang)

September 23

Dealers – Agents (Thomas Arslan series)

September 25

Egomania – Island without hope (Tilda Swinton series)

September 26


An upcoming movie about the emancipation of a Maori girl:
Upcoming film about the liberation of a Maori girl: “Whale Rider” (© South Pacific Pictures/ApolloMedia)

September 27

beautiful day(Thomas Arslan series)

September 28

wood and water

September 29

dry summer

30. September


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