Letters to the Editor: August 25, 2022

Don’t forget the retirees

August 24: Older people demand a constant rate of energy for everyone. A demonstration is scheduled in the city center on Saturday.

Retirees rightly demand that they also be given the energy allowance that even the employed manager receives. However, it is also necessary to mention here, which has unfortunately been repeatedly neglected in this context, that the 1.7 million retirees of federal, state and local governments should not remain excluded. Only the smallest part of it refers to the infamous but erroneously called “luxury pension”. Incidentally, there are growing fears that a large group of citizens who are above the limits of government subsidies for living expenses will disappear empty-handed – not to mention the middle-income earners who use their savings and pension reserves for energy costs at the same time have to sacrifice inflationary devaluation . There are already warnings of “impoverishment” of this broad “systemically relevant” class. The chancellor emphasized that no one would be left alone in the crisis.

Ulrich Rebenhagen

Subway profile already exists

August 24: “S-Bahn Problems: Tjarks Push for More Bridges at Elbe”

If you are not blind, you can see that this Elbe bridge has been around for a long time. Freihafenelbbrücke has a profile that was intended for the U-Bahn at the time and is now empty, but Hochbahn definitely wants a new bridge to replace the existing one and finish the U 4 in sight of this Elbe crossing. With good will and planning skills, this crossing will now be around.

Dr. Gunter Alfke, Hamburg

linguistic exaggeration

August 23: Editorial: Winnetou belongs to all of us. Whoever withdraws such books from the market surrenders to fanatics.”

A phenomenon that can be described as linguistic exaggeration has been rampant for some time. The list of so-called bad words is growing like an epidemic, and no one can be sure of what comes next. Some examples of victims of notable words: “Explorer”, “Jungle”, “Orient”, “Latino”, “Tribe”, “Chief”, “Native American”, “Gypsy”. Verbal executioners rub shoulders with an alleged colonial or racist list sign. But that’s not all: in some cities in Germany, they will soon take all the street names and check them for signs of colonialism or racism. Historical names of people of absolute integrity can also fall victim to this “purge”. Isn’t it time to get to the depths of this linguistic madness? Who are the people who are fueling this nonsense, especially at a time when it is so hard for this world to extricate itself from colossal problems and crises?

Michael Dell, Bargettehide

Justice and unconditional loyalty

Why should a children’s book present the truth? All I remember of Winito as a “stereotype” is his integrity, willingness to help, and unconditional loyalty. Let’s be honest: the indigenous peoples of North America (I call them Indians) weren’t always the same. Everything must always be politically correct? This does not solve the current problems of indigenous peoples. Anyone who has seen “Dancing With Wolves” should be satisfied: the ending shows the expulsion of Indians from their ancestral regions to regions too inhospitable for the truth. Good this way! But God knows that not every media work has to show “the whole harsh truth” – certainly not a fictional children’s book. Children and young adults are not so stupid that they do not understand the true story when it is presented to them on purpose. I will go so far as to say that if you read this you will know that Young Chief Winito is a fiction. At least it was clear to me as a child when reading Karl May books. Stereotypes? open civilization? I hope Uwe Kokesh will be forgiven for playing Comissario Brunetti in Venice as a German. And that Donna Lyon shouldn’t be hated because crime novels can give the impression that the gun is full of killers and mafiosi (just like Hamburg, Stralsund, Stuttgart, Konstanz, Salzburg, whatever Sokos name and crime scene).

Kay Rickertsen

put a mark!

There will always be someone whose feelings are hurt by something. He who seeks will find, and in the end it is also a matter of interpretation. Again, it’s a minority who totally wants to read something into this. This children’s book is for children, like children’s books, it should above all be interesting to read. Which kid thinks of the colonial past? Winnetou is an adventure story, a fairy tale. Just like for example the James Bond movies are fairy tales. Do all authors and directors now have to think about how to name their books or films, and what feelings can be hurt? Unimaginable! The publisher had to stand up to this criticism in order to set an example for all authors and filmmakers. Slowly but surely enough!

Susan Lauders

Mr. Kuehne is right

August 23: “Kone warns against Wüstefeld’s plans. Investor indirectly calls for new leadership in HSV space”

Mr. Kuhn is right in his assessment of the quality of management. It’s been clear for years that the board of directors has always focused on their profile and not the interests of HSV. With Motzel’s agenda, the gentlemen proved incompetent. Mr. Wüstefeld’s view that his questionable business relationships had no bearing on his Board’s mandate and that the relationship with Janssen was irrelevant shows a lack of morality on the part of these gentlemen. away with them. Through his empire, Mr. Kun showed himself competent in economic affairs. You must take your offerings seriously and at the same time gain serious and committed management personalities committed only to HSV. Otherwise how can you be a role model for already pampered young professionals. Reducing the size of the executive board and professionalizing the supervisory board.

Beat JT Sanne

No respect for nature

August 22: “Father of the swan Ness: The nature of the stern is threatened here. Extensive use threatens sensitive habitats”

Swan’s father Ness, rightly, criticizes the conditions on the banks of the Ulster River. Nature and bird life are under threat due to the recklessness of many citizens who believe that every bridge on the banks of the Alster River can be used as a landing place for inflatables or SUP. Well-meaning appeals from the Water Police or from Nieß, the father of the swans, will be of little use, and the necessary respect and indifference to nature are missing. Unfortunately, the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture Authority (the Department of Nature Conservation and Green Planning) has not been able to guarantee a sustainable system on the banks of the Ulster River for years. One example is the bridge at Kuhmühle/Eilbek, where over 60 SUP, largely abandoned and rotten inflatable boats and boats, have been lying here for over two years. According to the authorities, there is a lack of the necessary human and financial resources.

Gert Rudiger and Westney

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