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but now. On the third attempt after Corona-related postponements from 2020 and 2021, Jochen Malmsheimer comes to Walstead and presents his cabaret show “Halt mal Schatz!” in Kulturscheune. © Mangiacasa Agency

Interested parties can look forward to some humorous fun on Sunday, August 28 at Kulturscheune. At five in the evening, famous cabaret artist Jochen Malmsheimer will be a guest there with his show “Halt darling!”

Walstedde – Malmsheimer had his first experiences with shows during his student days in Bochum, participating in plays and in a troupe. During his apprenticeship as a bookseller, the Essen native worked in a nightclub with Frank Jossen from Bochum as a duo “Tresenlesen”. They were eight very successful years on stage together and had a good 1000 appearance. “Tresenlesen” won the famous cabaret awards Salzburger Stier and Prix Pantheon.

Malmsheimer has been working as a soloist since 2000, which, as he writes on his website, did not impose any restrictions on him, but gave him more freedom. His first solitaire program “If Words Could Speak or 14 Days in the Life of an Hour” heralded a triumphal march around the German-speaking stages of the Ruhr region. In the following six programs, in which the word artist found titles difficult to remember, seriously and artistically dealt with reality and fiction.

The penultimate appearance

The cabaret evening with Jochen Malmsheimer is the penultimate of the 2022 Kulturscheunen season. The band will play Lupo from Cologne on Sunday, September 11, at 5pm.

His fame even brought him an appearance on television, so he was seen several times on ZDF in “Anstalt” with Urban Priol and Georg Schramm in the role of acting.

Malmsheimer has also received several awards as a solo artist, including the German Cabaret Prize in 2009, the Bavarian Cabaret Prize in 2012, the Swiss Cabaret Prize in 2015, and the German Cabaret Prize in 2018.

You can also laugh, often out of joy.

“Wait, my love!” It is a true description of everything that happens in and around parents when they become parents, that is, for both of them and for both. Malmsheimer put his two sons’ first years’ experiences on paper and published them in a book he will read from on Sunday. Fun is guaranteed, because according to Malmsheimer: “You can also laugh, often out of joy.”

It does not reveal all that he went through regarding the antenatal, international, postpartum, education and training of offspring and the closing summary. Therefore, everything he says can be taken at face value. So if you want to know what ideas drove your humorous before and after pregnancy until delivery and during your first difficult time as a family, Kulturscheune is the place for you on Sundays.

Originally, Malmsheimer was supposed to perform at Kulturscheune in 2020, but Rudi Marhold of Kulturscheunenverein had to postpone the cabaret guest performance twice due to the Corona pandemic and its effects. But as the saying goes: “He who laughs last laughs.”


Advance ticket sales and reservations for Jochen Malmsheimer and his program “Halt mal Schatz” on Sunday, August 28, 5pm is only possible at Walstedder Reiseagentur, Dorfstraße 17 in Walstedde: phone 02387/900245 or by email to .

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