“The Kangaroo Conspiracy”: Directed by Mark Uwe Kling

Dimitrij Schad plays Mark Owe (right) alongside a communist kangaroo in the second feature film in the series. – Photo: X Rental / dpa

Germany’s most famous kangaroo is back in cinemas. Terribly funny, and sometimes a little silly, but also refreshing, the marsupial sets out on a new adventure with his roommate Marc-Uwe (Dmitrij Schad). With his cheeky and straightforward nature, which should inspire young moviegoers in particular, the marsupial is also the famous character in the new movie “The Kangaroo Plot”.

The messy communist kangaroo has been popular for over a decade. Author Kling initially wrote four books, then “Kangaroo Chronicles” debuted in cinemas in 2020. Due to Corona restrictions, the film’s success slowed rapidly.

Now follows the sequel, which appears on screens on August 25. The plot is quite predictable, but the comedy, like its predecessor, convinces with its wit. Unlike “Kangaroo Chronicles”, the books are not the model for the new movie. Instead, a new story is told.

Kling directed the film for the first time alongside Alexander Berner. All kangaroo lovers can especially look forward to the clear sound that the Stuttgart native gives to running again.

Together with young artist Marc-Uwe, the kangaroo forms not only a stable affair, but also a dream duo. But this time too, the two are playing with fire as they adventure and even risk their lives on a wild ride – not least because of their open mouths.

The subject of the film could not be more substantive: it is about the climate crisis. On their journey, the kangaroo and Mark Owe deal with climate change deniers and embark on a daring bet with Maria (Rosalee Thomas). They are supposed to extradite Maria’s mother, who fell under the conspiracy of her supporters. If they can do that, Mark Owe gets a date with Maria. If they don’t show up, there’s no appointment – and they lose their apartment.

So the kangaroo and its roommate try to teach Mother Lisbeth Shlabotnik (Petra Kleinert) a lesson with arguments — or, as kangaroo inventor Mark Uwe Kling put it: they’re trying to “pull the climate-change denier out of the rabbit hole”.

The film draws a fine line between reality and fantasy. The dating portal for unconventional thinkers is not a new invention, but its title “truth-love.info” is made up. The film, partly serious, partly satirical, with a touch of parody, focuses on climate change and its deniers. “The kangaroo plot probably won’t bring anyone back from Wonderland,” says Mark Uwe Kling. “But according to studies, which I will only say exists because someone once told me about it, sarcasm may prevent people who are already in the rabbit hole from jumping into it.”

In particular, the kangaroo and Mark Owe clash with villain and conspiracy guru Adam Krieger (Benno Foreman) and his fanatical henchmen. They believe kangaroos have been secretly controlling the strings for centuries. A highlight of the film is a funny scene at the security checkpoint: “The bag has to be put on the belt!” Strict security officer demands him. A colleague tries to translate “The bag should get a Bänd!” This is what happens. Christian Junner

D 2022, by Alexander Berner and Mark Uwe Kling, with Marc Owe Kling, Dimitrij Schad, Annemarie Waldeck, Petra Kleinert, Benno Fuhrmann, Adnan Maral, Uwe Prius, Daniel Zelman and Carmen-Maja Anthony, 101 min, free from age 6

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