Still Banned in Many Countries: One of the most disturbing films of all time is now playing uncut with FSK 18 – very limited! Cinema news

For decades they have been referred to as the “Faces of Death”. Now Horror Shocker aka “Faces of Death” is coming out in full length and with FSK 18 – but in very limited quantities.

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Few films have been the subject of so much controversy, speculation and lies in cold blood as there have been “Faces of Death”. A mixture of horror films, shocking documentation and fake documentaries is a series of fictional murders, pop-up accidents and real footage., where people and animals die agonizingly. Unsurprisingly, the scandalous film “Faces of Death” was banned in many countries – which, however, only served to pique the curiosity of generations of movie fans.

This, in turn, became part of the marketing myth behind “Faces of Death”: advertising slogans such as “Forbidden in 40+ countries” and “Forbidden in 46 countries” are unprovable, but they are almost intimately related to the film. But there is an iota of truth behind it: bruising has already been banned or severely cut off in many countries. In Germany, “Faces of Death” has been on the index for four decades – and now it’s being released uncut from the age of 18. On August 26, 2022, the famous classic Scandal will be released in very limited three-disc media books.

» Faces of Death in Media Market: cover a*/ cover b*

The informative book with Cover A is published in the number of 500 copies, and Cover B is limited to even 250 pieces. Both versions are identical in content and, in addition to a brochure, include the movie on Blu-ray and DVD. Informational books also have a bonus DVD with alternate versions of “Faces of Death”.

Faces of Death: Nada from the Index

While many other once indexed horror films from the ’70s and ’80s now easily earn an 18 or even 16-year-old rating, Faces of Death have had a much tougher fight to fight: In 2019, FSK refused even to release a truncated version of “Faces of Death” shortened by about twelve minutes.. However, in 2020, this version still received the 18th stamp. However, this did not raise hopes for an uncut version approved by FSK.

After the scandalous directorial work of John Alan Schwartz was published in very limited media books last year without an FSK rating, the Astro sign celebrated a surprising victory in the spring of 2022: “Faces of Death” were unexpectedly removed from the index in the March 2022 release. This is good news for fans of the genre looking for frontier experiences, as well as for anyone who wants to reassure themselves of what the decades-old controversy surrounding the film has been about.

But if you’re hoping for a thrilling, substantial movie night from Faces of Death, beware. Because even among fans of the genre, the presentation of clips of real and fake atrocities, combined with a frame story, does not have the reputation of a successful movie experience. Instead, Faces of Death has the attributes of a kind of cinematic test of bravery. Or a great apocalyptic puzzle that involves separating the documentary clips from the theatrical clips. The informative book add-ons now provide you with all kinds of pointing points that weren’t accessible to previous generations of movie hunters.

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