Global Leipzig and the left’s inability to criticize

Rather than discuss the film critically, some on the left want to ban it immediately. Commentary on the culture of debate.

“Are you interested in the critical cinema of globalization in Leipzig and exciting discussions? Then you’ve come to the right place at GlobaLE!” With this slogan, the Leipzig Film Festival Globale announces the Social Critical Summer Film Programme. It has survived the anti-globalization movement and its decline. But the film festival may now fail due to the left’s inability to criticize.

On August 18, the film “Ukraine is Burning” by well-known American director Oliver Stone, which is by no means objective but pro-Russia, was released. In addition, the Russian head of state Putin is interviewed there as well, and despite all the geopolitical factors, the film forgets that there are of course real material backgrounds and that the people of Ukraine are not just puppets of geopolitics.

In addition, no critical word was mentioned regarding Russia’s role in the conflict. But the excitement about such a one-sided film is a bit hypocritical in light of the fact that a significant part of Ukrainian reporting in this country is unilaterally pro-Ukrainian. You can see this from the fact that the dead from the fire in the union building in Odessa do not interest them much. No one is demanding clarification and punishment of the perpetrators.

A film like Wildfire, which gave the face of the dead and spoke to the relatives of the victims, is generally discredited as Russian propaganda and leftist establishments that have shown it was sent to Twitter pill Developed. There is no sympathy for the pro-Russian dead, even if a right-wing mob drives them to death.

Oliver Stone, on the other hand, has the Odessa massacre in his film, as well as other factually valid historical contexts.

Banned from YouTube, removed by some links

It should be possible to question why YouTube banned such a movie, which is definitely worth discussing. Isn’t it always said that Western values ​​are being defended in Ukraine? This includes the freedom to watch and discuss very important films.

On the other hand, a film like this, even if it fell victim to censorship measures, is of course not exempt from criticism.

On the contrary: the difference between the basic anti-military stance on the Ukraine war and the adoption of Russian narratives must be clarified.

The Oliver Stone film adapts Russian novels in a few places. But this should not be a reason not to show it at a festival like “Globale”, where it can be discussed critically. One should have taken the initially quoted statement seriously and engaged in the discussion of the film’s content.

From left to right

Particularly incomprehensible is that the protesters against the film also included a left-wing MP in the Saxon parliament, Julian Nagel, who actually belongs to the non-dogmatic left wing. It’s a pity that you only have the formula from Putin propaganda at Global in Leipzig It comes to mind and her tweet, with her commitment to Ukraine, then indicates that she is not among those who, when in doubt, defend the opinion of those who think differently.

An independent leftist politician such as Julian Nagel should give pause for thought that she is on par with the conservative press and Leipzig city politicians. There are already calls to block global funding.

Politicians, who do not like the whole trend of the festival, are now trying to implement their demands. Perhaps it is time for the various left-wing groups to gather in Leipzig for a discussion.

Together with Clemens Heaney and Gerald Gronkley, Peter Nowak authored the book We Will Never Fight Again Without Us … Germany and Ukraine, published by Critic-Verlag.

(Peter Nowak)

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