All the important answers about account sharing, costs and offline usage

Hanover. Anyone who subscribes to Netflix can access thousands of movies, series, and documentaries. What offers can be downloaded and how can I unsubscribe and share the account with others?

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We have compiled the most frequently asked user questions and corresponding answers for you below.

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How much does a Netflix subscription cost?

The amount of the monthly costs incurred when using Netflix depends on the type of account you choose. There are three streaming subscriptions to choose from: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

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• The basic version currently costs 7.99€ and is limited to one device.

• Standard Edition, currently €12.99, allows simultaneous use on two devices. Also, you can stream videos in HD quality.

• Premium subscription costs €17.99 per month, allows simultaneous use on four devices and allows streaming in Ultra HD.

When do you have to cancel your free month on Netflix?

Like many other streaming services, Netflix is ​​also offering one month free trial to new customers. However, upon registration, you will be asked to enter the required subscription and payment option.

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At the end of the trial month, your free subscription will automatically switch to a regular subscription. To avoid this, you simply have to cancel the trial subscription during the term. You can easily cancel online. You can learn how to do this in the next step.

How do I cancel my Netflix account?

To cancel your account, simply log in via a web browser with your access data and go to your account settings. Under “Membership and Billing” you will find the “Cancel Membership” button.

After clicking the button, you can decide if you really want to complete the cancellation or if you want to go back to a previous version of your subscription instead. By the way: After cancellation, your personal files, favourites, and settings will be kept for ten months.

The cancellation procedure is the same for trial and standard subscriptions.

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Can you share a Netflix account?

Netflix agreed to account sharing for a long time, but now the streaming provider is taking another step toward preventing an account from being shared or at least merging it with another cost element. There is currently a test run in some countries – including Chile and Costa Rica. In these first countries, a household surcharge of $2.99 ​​each will be tested. According to Netflix, other countries should only follow when the concept is well thought out and as simple as possible.

Why is Netflix deleting content?

Netflix only buys license rights to movies and series for a limited period of time. This means that the content will disappear from view if its licenses are not renewed. According to Netflix, this could have several reasons: Among other things, the title’s popularity and renewal cost play a role.

Can You Use Netflix Offline?

Yes, but only if you have previously downloaded relevant titles. It depends on the device you are using to stream. Also, the download only works if you are using the Netflix app. On the other hand, the download option is not available in computer browsers.

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Also, not all content is available for download. Whether the title can be downloaded depends mainly on whether Netflix has the necessary copyright to it. Even with so-called Netflix originals, that is, content produced by the streaming service itself, other studios may have partial rights that prevent downloads.

Where can I find the Parental Control PIN?

Netflix users are required to save a four-digit PIN when subscribing. In Germany, this is always required as a standard when accessing age-restricted content. If you forgot your PIN, you can view it in the account settings under the menu item “Child Security”. After entering your password, a PIN code appears.

Here you also have the option to modify or deactivate the age limit. Individual content in the list can also be blocked with a PIN. Simply enter the title of the series or movie you want to block in the text field provided.

Can You Use Your Netflix Account Abroad?

Subject to the Terms of Service, you can view content “primarily in the country where you created your account.” Usually, so-called geo-blocking automatically ensures that foreign IP addresses are recognized and blocked. However, there is an exception for EU countries. Since April 2018, paid streaming services are obligated to give their customers access to content in other EU countries as well.

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How do I contact Netflix customer service?

German Netflix customer service can be reached daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on 0697-724-0800. Alternatively, you can ask your questions in the live chat. To do this, go to the Netflix Help Center. There you will also find information on further questions.

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