ARD loses the medium after 20 years – happy fans

After more than 20 years, Frank Blasberg relinquished supervision of ARD “Hart aber Fair.” It is already clear who will follow in his footsteps.

Cologne – Frank Blasberg (65) has been the face of ARD’s political program “Hart Upper Show” for nearly 22 years. The journalist runs the talk show from the start and discusses political issues of interest to the public with his guests. As the World Development Report has now announced, this will expire at the end of November 2022.

Broadcasting Difficult but fair
Channel the first
Mediator Frank Blasberg (2001-2022)

Frank Blasberg, ARD supervisor, ended his career in sobriety

His successor has already been determined: Frank Blasberg hands the equinox to Louis Clamroth (32), as reported by RUHR24.

The first edition of the political discourse “Hart Upper Fair” was broadcast on January 31, 2001 in the World Development Report. Since then: Frank Blasberg. A Remscheid citizen can claim a total of 750 offers. For viewers, he can basically be seen as a moderator in front of the camera. However, it has also greatly advanced the format behind the camera, as reported by WDR (more celebrity and TV news on RUHR24).

ARD presenter Frank Blasberg from the beginning on “Difficult but Fair”

For his performance in “Hart aber Fair” he was not only praised by the audience, but also received the Grimme and Bambi award. For Blasberg, the trip now ends in November. Frank Blasberg will run the final version of the original format on the last Monday of November (28) at 21:45. From January 2023, a new era will begin with Lewis Clamroth.

Blasberg explained to WDR: “If you have been traveling with a program for a long time, you also want to develop it further. Now is the time for it.”

Frank Blasberg leaves the Hart Upper Gallery.

© Klaus W. Schmidt/Imago

‘Difficult but Fair’ must change with Lewis Clamroth

Blasberg seems to be very impressed with his successor. “What a lucky program that a colleague like Lewis Clamroth took over in January,” Frank Blasberg told WDR. Hamburg-born Louis Klamroth is a journalist and actor. He has previous experience in political programming, mainly through his own version of “Klamroths Konter” on ntv, for which he won the German Television Award in 2018.

The 32-year-old is excited about his new assignment: “I am very excited to be able to help shape this program into this outstanding opening as next year’s manager and to be able to lead it into the future,” says Clamroth.

WDR’s Director of Information, Fiction, and Entertainment, Jörg Schönenborn, thanked Frank Blasberg “because his programming and attitude (….) have contributed to our programme’s credibility” while declaring that another medium of the show would also change. Nevertheless, it will remain faithful to the most important principle – “that politics meets reality in the presentation and has to explain itself and prove itself in the process.”

ARD Presenter Frank Blasberg Has Stopped – Fans Are Divided

In parallel with Frank Blasberg’s farewell, ARD will also participate in a popular show. Public Radio is removing “Root Rosen” from its program.

Viewers reacted surprisingly positively to the change in moderation on the social media platforms Instagram and Twitter. “Congratulations, looking forward to the new wind,” one user commented on Instagram under the official ARD post. Another wrote: “Best decision.”

Others mourn the passing of the “difficult but fair” icon. “It is a pity that Mr. Blasberg is retiring! I have always loved seeing him as my supervisor.”

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