Ukrainian refugees in the healthcare sector

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Can refugees from Ukraine facilitate sponsorship status in Tölzer Land? © Sebastian Julno / Dibba / Avatar

Refugees from Ukraine can improve the status of employees in nursing professions. However, this still only works occasionally in Tölzer Land.

Bad Tools Wolfratshausen – Work as quickly as possible and earn your money: this is the great desire of many refugees from Ukraine. Many local companies are desperately looking for workers, especially in the care sector. In the region, refugees seeking work and clinics with staffing needs meet only occasionally. But for the future, there may be opportunities for both sides. A refugee from Ukraine has already signed her work contract at the Lenggries specialist clinic. “We are currently waiting for the imaginary testimony of the lady, then we can begin,” explains Martina Raschke, HR Officer at the clinic. This certificate is proof of the right to temporary residence. “We don’t have any other applicants yet. But we are very open and happy when someone contacts us,” Rachke says.

Lenggries: the Ukrainian has already signed a contract with a specialized clinic

Refugees who wish to work at a specialist clinic Lenggries do not necessarily need to complete their training. “The lady who starts with us doesn’t have anything,” Rachke explains. “She would work for us as a nursing assistant. We qualify them directly on site.” According to the personnel officer, the specialist clinic offers such a side entry time and time again. Even a lost apartment will not be an obstacle in the Lenggries. Nursing staff can be accommodated in the clinic’s staff dormitory. The clinic also provides support in the area of ​​integration. Rachke asserts, “If someone attends a language course, we’ll let them go early, for example, so they have time to study.”

Side entry possible for refugees

The personnel officer in refugee recruitment sees an opportunity for the shortage of skilled workers in the nursing professions: “Everyone is a great support and can help us very well. But we also need qualified nurses.” Many nurses from other countries already work at the Lenggries Specialist Clinic. “It’s multicultural for us. Our patients take it very well,” Rachki says. “For example, we have integrated young Africans. They are a great strength to our company and we look forward to the opportunity to work here.”

The district clinic in Wolfratshausen, the specialist clinic in Bad Heilbronn and the Asklepios clinic in Bad Tölz have not yet hired any refugees from Ukraine. “This is because we haven’t received any inquiries or requests yet,” explains Ingo Kühn, general manager of the district clinic. According to spokesperson Christopher Horn, Asklepios Clinic has not received any inquiries yet. On the other hand, says Mario Paul, director of human resources at the specialist clinic Bad Heilbronn: “We’re talking to six Ukrainians as nurses.”

Will the refugees make up for the shortage of skilled nursing workers? “Of course, your support will ease the situation a little bit,” Paul says. However, both he and Kuhn point to the language barrier as a potential problem. “It will probably get easier over time after participating in and getting used to the language courses,” Cohen says.

German language courses are important for nursing work

So refugees can hope to receive support from clinics in the form of German language courses, because: “The requirements for nursing are completed nursing training and a German language level of at least B2,” explains Christopher Horn. But clinics also help them with other things, such as looking for an apartment or dealing with the authorities. “Of course we support refugees wherever possible to facilitate their integration,” stresses Mario Paul.

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