Refugees from Ukraine will be allowed to work in Germany in the near future

Press release as of April 1, 2022

Integration into the labor market is a challenge for refugees as well as for administrations and employers, but it is especially important. In order to remove obstacles and jointly enable non-bureaucratic access to the labor market as much as possible, officials from the Employment Agency, the city and the Neuwied District exchanged ideas.

In order to be able to get people who have fled Ukraine to work as quickly as possible, Mayor Peter Jung, Karl Ernst Starfield and District 1 Council member Michael Mahlert (from left) met and discussed a simplified system. (Photo: Employment Agency)

region. Your income enables you to achieve a higher standard of living, and the job ensures social integration, faster overcoming of language barriers, and a regular daily life. Karl-Ernst Starfield, Head of Employment Agency Management, Mayor Peter Jung and 1st District Council Member Michael Mahlert discussed a simplified list of people who found refuge from the horrific events in Ukraine in Neuwied County: The work permit is initially valid for them the so-called “imaginary certificate” Based on the Residence Act, which all Ukrainian refugees registered in Neuwied County can apply for from the Neuwied County Administration. The application form (application for a residence permit in accordance with Article 24 of the Residence Act) is available on the website of the Neuwied District Administration. Once the fictional certification is available, a paid position may be filled.

Help in searching for a job
The Employment Agency in Neuwied can provide support when looking for a job. Karl Ernst Starfield: “Starting next week, we will present registration forms in Ukrainian, German and English about skills, language skills, professional experience and other information important to taking up employment, such as mobility, on our home page and on the websites of associated provinces and municipalities. They can be printed, responded to and mailed. Email to the Employment Agency Neuwied ( or hand it over there. After that, the agency will first invite people who want and are able to start work in the near future to personal appointments.”

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For many refugees, a BAMF-funded language course will be required before they can start working. Refugees can contact language course providers directly for this, which can be found using the BAMF Navi website with their offers in the area.

People who have obtained professional qualifications and wish to work as skilled workers in Germany should contact the regional IQ network to get their qualifications recognized in Germany. The Newed Job Office is happy to help here.

A few days ago, the Federal Employment Agency set up a central hotline for war refugees, where Ukrainian-speaking employees are available for topics related to starting work and training (such as recognition of foreign qualifications, access to language courses). This is available Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 0911/178-7915. (evening)

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