Permit to settle in Berlin: application, appointment – important information

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Permit to settle in Berlin – all information

The State Migration Office in Friedrich-Kreus-Ouver in Berlin. You can obtain a residence permit here.

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The residence permit allows permanent residence in Germany. Make an appointment, order, blue card: all the information at a glance.

Berlin. A settlement permit is an unlimited residency deed that qualifies you to work. But how do you get it in Berlin? Where and how is the best way to apply, what documents should be taken into account and what are the requirements?

Here you will find answers to all important questions about a residence permit in Berlin – from application and appointment to the Blue Card.

What is a settlement permit?

In German immigration law, a residence permit is a residence status under the residence law in force since January 1, 2005, and applies to citizens of countries that do not belong to the European Economic Area.

Unlike a residence permit, a residence permit gives you the right to stay in Germany for an unlimited period. Profitable work is permitted, not geographically restricted and may not be provided with an additional condition, except in cases permitted by residence law. However, this title does not convey the right to stay for more than 90 days in another EU member state.

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Is the settlement permit limited?

Residence permit, EU Blue Card, ICT Card, ICT Mobile Card and Visa are all issued for a limited time. In contrast, the residence permit and permanent residence permit are unlimited.

Who gets a settlement permit?

If you are of legal age and have been granted a residence permit for five years, you can apply for a residence permit, provided you have sufficient knowledge of the German language and your living is secure or you are in training leading to a recognized qualification.

How to obtain a residence permit in Germany?

  • the demand: An informal written request is sufficient. This can also be provided when the residence permit is extended. Attaching copies of the required documents listed below can significantly reduce processing time. You will then receive either an invitation to an appointment or a fee notice.
  • Residence permit: You must have a residence permit for 5 years or more. The residence permit must be issued to live with a foreign family member, work, self-employment, self-employment, or for humanitarian reasons (except for residence permits pursuant to Section 24, Section 25 Paragraph 4 Sentence 1, Section 25 Paragraph 4a Sentence 1 or Section 25 Paragraph 4b sentence 1 Residence Act). If the residence permit is granted on humanitarian grounds, the periods of the asylum procedure can also be taken into account.
  • German knowledge: You must have sufficient German language skills (Level B 1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). If you already had a residence permit or residence permit on December 31, 2004, basic German language skills (level A 1) are sufficient.
  • Basic knowledge the culture: You need a basic knowledge of the legal and social system and living conditions in Germany.
  • safe livelihood through their own incomeYou may not get any public benefits from the Job Center or Social Welfare Office (such as unemployment benefit II or social assistance). In the case of family cohabitation in a same-sex marriage or civil partnership, proof of income may also be submitted by spouses or civil partners.
  • retirement allowance: At least 60 months of mandatory or voluntary contributions to statutory pension insurance or similar benefit claim expenses must be demonstrated by the insurer. In the case of family cohabitation in a same-sex marriage or civil partnership, proof of old-age provision by spouses or civil partners may also be provided.
  • Appropriate health insurance: You must have adequate health insurance for you and your dependents. With statutory health insurance, you are adequately insured. With private health insurance, there are instructions to keep in mind, which you can find in the leaflet on Required Health Insurance Cover from the State Office of Immigration (Pdf).
  • No offenses: Even fines can prevent the issuance of a settlement permit.
  • Main residence in Berlin: You must be registered at your main place of residence in Berlin.

Are there exceptions to the requirements?

Residence permit requirements may differ from the general provisions for certain groups of people. This applies, for example, to applications from former Germans who have acquired or lost foreign citizenship – but also to family members of Germans, foreign graduates of German universities, EU blue card holders, skilled workers, and young people aged between 16 years and over, the self-employed, asylum seekers and recognized refugees.

Information about the different requirements for a settlement permit can be found on the information page of the Berlin Service Portal.

Where do I apply for a residence permit in Berlin?

You can only apply for a residence permit at the State Office for Migration (LEA) at the Friedrich-Krause-Ufer location.

State Office of Immigration (LEA)
Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24, 13353 Berlin
Tel: (030) 90269-4000
Fax: (030) 90269 4099
Opening times: Monday and Tuesday: 7 AM to 2 PM (by appointment only); Wednesday: By appointment only; Thursday: 9am-5pm (by appointment only); Friday: By appointment only

What documents do I need?

  • Valid passport: A recognized and valid one identity document.
  • Recent photo: Front shot with a neutral facial expression and closed mouth looking directly at the camera, light background; Dimensions: 35mm x 45mm.
  • Proof of employee income: Employment contract, current certificate from employer (no longer than 14 days), proof of salary for the last 6 months and date of retirement insurance.
  • Probably. income proof For freelancers and self-employed: The last tax assessment plus a A completed audit report with the documents mentioned therein such as an extract from the commercial register. The audit report must be prepared by a tax advisor, auditor or tax representative.
  • Probably. income proof For retirees: Pension notice.
  • Probably. income proof In the event of disability or reduced earning capacity: Notice of pension due to disability or reduced earning capacity, a current report from the Federal Employment Agency, or a meaningful medical certificate.
  • health insurance: If you have statutory health insurance, current confirmation from your health insurance company regarding insurance cover or if you have private health insurance Health insurance, insurance policy and proof of paid contributions.
  • A lease or purchase agreement defining the living space: You must provide proof of living space and monthly rent or, in the case of ownership, housing costs for your property.
  • If applicable, certificates of the integration course: You can submit an “Integration Course Certificate” for successful participation in an integration course and a certificate of final examination results. Testimonials make it easy to verify the application. However, you can prove your sufficient knowledge of the German language and your basic knowledge of the legal and social system in other ways when you come to us.
  • retirement allowance: Here you need pension information, pension information from the German pension insurance or proof that you are entitled to similar benefits from another insurance or pension institution. Evidence of retirement savings by spouses or life partners may also be provided.
  • Evidence of receipt of other services: Do you get Child Benefit, Child Benefit, Parent Benefit, Care Benefit, or similar benefits? Then don’t forget to provide the relevant evidence (eg notification).
  • Proof of main residence in Berlin: Here it is enough for the apartment registration certificate or rental contract and confirmation of the move from the owner

How high is the fee?

The fee for issuing a settlement permit is 113 euros. In case of refusal, costs of €56.50 will be charged. For Turkish citizens, the fee is 22.80 euros (11.40 euros in the case of refusal) up to the age of 24 and 37 euros from the age of 24 (18.50 euros in the case of refusal).

How long is a residence permit in Berlin?

Depending on the documents you have to submit, the examination and processing time for your application for a settlement permit may vary. The average processing time is usually between six and eight weeks.

Where can I get more information?

On the service portal Berlin under the keyword settlement permit.

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