Parliament, Deceiver, Professor T and more will be coming to One this fall

For European series, ONE will remain a free TV hotspot in fall 2022. Now some first broadcasts and also reruns and reruns aka iterations have been announced.

Houses of Parliament

The second season of Parliament begins on October 31. The first season will be repeated October 17th.

The summer recess in the Strasbourg Parliament is over and Sami is looking for a new job. With an arrogant habitold handsHe says this time everything is under control. Together with his new boss, Valentine is working on “blue dealJohann von Bülow (“kill with chance”) and Martina Eitner-Acheampong (Stromberg).

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Wednesday crime

On the alleged crime Wednesday, ONE advanced from 8.15 p.m.Bletchley Circle(Already played on small broadcaster RiC on Free TV in 2015) and as a free-to-play TV show for the first time, Professor T (already played on Sky Krimi) andAgatha and the truth of the crime“.”Bletchley CircleIt will air on September 7 and has had two seasons.

On September 28 – probably at 8.15pm – the British adaptation of the Flemish crime series”Professor T(GB 2021, Season 1) To: Ben Miller (Death in Heaven) embodies sharp-minded criminology professor Jasper Tempest, who helps his former students detective Sergeant Lisa Dunkers (Emma Naomi) and Dan Winters (Barney White) with investigative aids and wants at the same time Take control of his (emotional) life.

With the German TV premiere of the British TV crime and thriller thriller “Agatha and the truth of the crime(GB 2018) features another work by world-renowned crime writer Agatha Christie. the movie that originallyAgatha and the truth about the murder“It means that it should be launched on January 4, 2023.

Tuesday excitement

It was previously announced that The Sister will premiere on September 6. In it, after nearly a decade of harmonious married life, Nathan (Russell Toffe) is shaken to his core when an ex-acquaintance shows up at his door with shocking news, and a mysterious secret from Nathan’s past threatens to be revealed.

Presents the first free TV show”deceivedHowever, the format actually launched on pay-TV on 13th Street in October 2021. One starts on September 20 at 9:45 p.m.

There, college student Ophelia (Emily Reed) finds her world shattered when she falls in love with her professor (Emmett J. Scanlan). After the tragic death of his wife, she finds herself trapped in the family home in a world where she can no longer trust her sanity.

Swedish series Himmelstal will follow on October 4 as a free TV show. The TNT series popularly known as Warner TV Today imported this series back in July 2020.

Identical twins Ciri and Helena haven’t been in touch for years. When Ciri unexpectedly asks her sister to visit her in a sanatorium, Helena at first hesitates. Soon after arriving in a remote alpine valley, it became clear that Ciri had her own goals. Unusual things happen and a nightmare begins for Helena.

The first free TV show of the short series Quiz has no date yet. A very English scandal with Hugh Grant (no date yet) and the British cult series”With umbrella, charm and bowler hat(from November 13).

Ingmar Carrillo, ONE Program Director and Deputy Director of Information, Fiction and Entertainment: “In July, ONE achieved the highest market share in its history at 1.3% and remains an important pillar of the ARD media library. We want to build on this success with new highlights this fall. Particularly Close to Our Hearts is the second season of Parliament, the first series that was co-produced.

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