Mammoth Mission: This is how Ukrainians score

In principle, Ukrainian refugees can stay in the EU for up to 90 days without a visa. But if you want to stay, you can’t avoid signing up. Only then will he or she receive a work permit or social benefits and be able to send his or her children to school or nursery school.

The first step is to register at the population registry office

At the beginning of the process, refugees are registered at the population registry office in the relevant municipality. This step alone, which precedes the actual registration in the Central Aliens Register, takes a long time in some cities, such as Fürth.

“I didn’t get an appointment until the end of May,” said someone from Forth who had received a Ukrainian family. In Nuremberg, war refugees have to go to the Citizens Registration Office in person to get a registration appointment voucher. The following available dates are currently about three weeks away.

In small towns and communities, on the other hand, registration is often completed within a few days.

Refugees must give their fingerprints

Only registrants are invited to the time-consuming registration process with immigration authorities. Docking centers help, too. Fleeing Ukrainians are required to show their biometric passports, photograph and give their fingerprints.

The Ansbach Immigration Office calculates about half an hour for individuals and about two hours for a family of four. Other municipalities take longer.

Data lines are often overloaded

In Coburg, for example, there were initially technical problems with the group, which had to be solved first by specialists. The city of Coburg also mentioned that transmission takes a long time because data lines are often overloaded. “Colleagues are working beyond the limit.” In order to continue to deal with registration, opening hours have been extended to 8pm during the week and weekends, similar to many other cities and regions.

Document translation delays registration

Registration is delayed when documents have to be translated first, such as children’s birth certificates written only in Ukrainian. The Forth Immigration Office works well: it has three Russian-speaking employees who know the Cyrillic alphabet.

This is not the case everywhere: The Liechtenville County Sheriff’s Office, for example, should hope that the refugees will be accompanied by volunteer interpreters so that the registration process can be expedited. They say that the search for interpreters is currently underway.

The Ansbach region registers refugees in their homes only

Recording frequency varies. While the city of Fürth scored only the first twelve Ukrainians at the start of the week, there were already 74 in the district of Weissenburg-Jonesenhausen and 133 in the district of Coburg. “We only invite people to register when the refugees have their own,” explains the Ansbach press spokesman, Fabian Hahnlein.

There is clearly a lot of free living space in the area: 1,060 Ukrainians who have been housed in temporary housing in Feuchtwangen and Herrieden face more than 600 housing offers.

Not registered yet? There is still money

“People should be able to take care of themselves quickly,” explains Ansbach County spokesperson Hanlin. If you are not registered yet despite owning your own apartment, you can still get paid. The advance is then compensated later for social assistance or the first salary – because there are quite a few war refugees who have already found work and are just waiting for a work permit.

The ‘Fantasy Certificate’ grants a work permit

After registration, Ukrainian refugees are given an identity card with which they can prove that they are legally residing in Germany. Since the Bundesdruckerei currently needs several weeks to obtain this ID card, the immigration authorities issue a so-called “fake certificate”, which is temporarily valid. In addition to the residence permit, this paper shows whether or not the work permit has been issued. In most cases it is granted.

Only if the documents are still missing, they must be checked again or if the refugees have a different nationality, they can be refused at first. And good news for all those who already have an employment contract in their pocket: your cases will be dealt with with priority in most of the immigration authorities in Bavaria.

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