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Many international students who fled the war in Ukraine without a Ukrainian passport want to continue their studies in Hamburg. But by no means does everyone obtain the necessary residence permit. Now they are afraid of deportation.

Written by Hawke Lorenz, Leah Jaffe

Kenneth James studied medicine in Zaporizhia in southern Ukraine. He was going to graduate soon. But when the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, the Nigerian was forced to flee. He is now in Hamburg and would like to finish his studies here. For this he needs a residence permit. But the immigration office rejected it.

Kenneth James is trying to obtain a residence permit in Hamburg. His experiences with the authorities have so far frustrated him.

“He didn’t even look at my documentary. He wasn’t interested,” Kenneth said in an interview with the NDR Hamburg Journal. The official reportedly said that Kenneth should return to Nigeria and study there. Kenneth described his situation to him. That the university there are two strikers, and that he came to Hamburg to continue his education. But this does not matter to his counterpart.

Temporary solution for students without a Ukrainian passport

Refugees with a Ukrainian passport were able to apply for a two-year residence permit at the start of the war. At the end of April, Hamburg then announced a provisional certificate for fugitive students who do not have a Ukrainian passport. They must have six months, until August 31, to find a place at university and learn German. Under this special Hamburg regulation – the issuance of a one-time fictional certificate § 81 Paragraphs 3 and 5 of the Residence Act – Hamburg is already making full use of the possibilities of the Residence Act,” said a written statement to the NDR. According to the authority, 859 of these allegedly fictitious certificates had been issued by August 8th.

The interior admits mistakes

But the NDR Hamburg Journal has information that students who have recently fled Ukraine have been repeatedly rejected. Individuals have already been asked to leave the Schengen area. They were threatened with deportation, although according to the EU Commission they were allowed to remain in the EU until at least the end of August.

When asked, the press spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior admitted this error. “After it became known, the Home Office immediately informed the Immigration Office that the deadlines for the departure of this group of people should not expire before August 31, 2022. So we immediately corrected the error and asked them to check these cases again and correct them if necessary.”

Activist: “For us, these are certainly not isolated cases”

There are certainly controversial cases, as explained by Asmara Haptission of the Hamburg Association for the Asmara World, which works for immigrants in Hamburg and does anti-racist educational work. However, the activist strongly criticized the actions of the authorities: “In general, the handling of matters is incomprehensible. I note very severe violations of the law. There have now been several cases in which the internal authorities have admitted mistakes, which are described as individual cases, which are certainly not isolated cases for us. “.

An unequal pair: on the left is a Ukrainian, and on the right is a Moroccan who studied in Ukraine at the beginning of the war.  He now has problems continuing his studies in Germany.  © NDR screenshot

Unequal spouses: She has a Ukrainian passport that guarantees her the right to reside in Germany. He has a Moroccan passport, which complicates his situation.

A Ukrainian student holding a Moroccan passport has applied for a visa to Germany. His relationship with a Ukrainian should be the basis of consent. But he was also asked to leave the country.

He said the papers were taken from him. He was said to have been told that if he wanted her back, he would have to prove that he would leave Germany soon. His Ukrainian girlfriend is ashamed that it was easy for her. “There is a war in Ukraine and these people are also fleeing the war,” she stressed.

The petition demands equal rights

In order to be able to survive, some of those affected have already submitted requests to the Hamburg parliament. To focus on their cause, they also have one The petition has been launched and more than 40,000 signatures have been collected so far.

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