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Max Planck fan

Already in his childhood Stephen Schroeder Busy with physicist Max Planck. A framed message from “Uncle Max” hangs on his grandfather’s wall. Schroeder’s great-grandmother was the half-sister of Max Planck, distant relatives, but it was too exciting for a child. There was a large ink stain on the letter in the grandfather’s apartment: “Sorry for the smudge,” the Nobel laureate wrote under it. Now, the Munich-born actor and writer who created a monument to the Floriansmühle family complex with his first novel “My Summer with Anja”, has published a historical novel: “Planck or when the light has been lighten” (Rowohlt Berlin, 311 pages, €22) .

For the novel, Schroeder conducted research for several years in Berlin, Zurich and Rogatz and gained insight into the private property of a 99-year-old man. He avoided any fantasy, even if reality sometimes seemed too adventurous. “One day when I was a child, my father told me that Max Planck had given birth to a son, Erwin Planck, who was active in the resistance,” says Stephen Schroeder. After the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944, Erwin Blanc was arrested and sentenced to death a few months later. “At the same time, Max Planck was asked to create a ‘commitment to the Führer’ for a brochure,” says Schröder.

That got something for Stephen Schroeder. “What would you do in such a terrible situation? And what exactly happened at that time?” These questions have always occupied me.

Rebellious Architect

Benedict Hartl has another new idea.

(photo: private)

He wanted to convert Buckingham Palace into social housing and use Berlin’s BER Airport as a Corona Clinic. Now the Munich architect is a rebel Benedict Hartle He introduces his next concept, which is not so much about perception as about a political message. In the year after the storming of the US Capitol, the 36-year-old from the opposite office in Munich presented a seemingly forlorn idea: to turn the Capitol in Washington, D.C., into a castle called “Capitol Castle.” Central building scale: an overall wall of 1.5m thick and 33m high made of recycled bricks.

Five for Munich: Fabian Wien wants to use the trolley to transport packages.

Fabian wants to use the trolley to transport packages.

(Photo: TUM / TUM)

cart seeker

A research group from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) invites you to take a free rickshaw ride in Maxvorstadt from Monday 22 August to Friday 26 August. Field testing is intended to show the extent to which ride assembly can be expanded to include cargo transportation. The idea behind the ride bundle: People who want to go in a similar direction share the mode of transportation they find using a mobile app. The algorithm combines suitable candidates to keep the smallest number of turns possible. environmental engineer Fabian Fehn He and his colleagues now want to see if the system is also suitable for transporting packages. That’s why users of the blue TUM cart can offer things that serve a good cause: old batteries, small electronic devices, or donations to the victims of the Ukraine war. The parcels are donated to the associations “München Hilft Ukraine” and “Stiftung Pfennigparade”, and the devices are professionally disposed of. The trolleys operate from 11am to 7pm. The TUM app can be found at:

rap teacher

Five for Munich: Isabelle Lily Gutlen aka Gündalein and Noah Kuckler-Kretschmann aka ESC Rilla

Isabelle Lili Gotlin aka Gündalein and Noah Kuckler-Kretschmann aka ESC Rilla

(Photo: Timo Abt/Oh)

really wanted Isabel Lily Gotlinand 21 and Noah Cochler-Kretschmann, 22, left Munich this fall. To move to Berlin and further her musical career. Because rapping, it’s like Gündalein, was ESC Rilla. Compared to the German capital, the hip-hop scene in Munich is small and, as Goten says, there is hardly any cohesion. But then, one email changed everything.

Gütlein and Kuckler-Kretschmann received an offer from the cultural center “Bellevue di Monaco” to run the rap academy. The couple did not have to think twice to accept it. Finally, the rappers themselves had the opportunity to help build the music scene in their city and foster cohesion. From August 20 until the end of the year they welcome young people aged 16 to 24 every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm on the top floor of Müllerstraße 2 to teach them everything they need to start a musical career. The program includes songwriting and production as well as billing and journalism. The goal is to eventually organize a concert in Bellevue. Otherwise, participation is free.

At the age of 16, Jotun says, she would have liked to attend the workshops herself, but she couldn’t afford the expensive courses. She is happier because she can now help others. The rapper, meanwhile, adds that she is taking advantage of her new role: “It’s like everything in life: once you have to impart a skill to others, you learn something new yourself.”

bring a shaman

Five for Munich: Jutta Speidel loved posing for the camera with Eisi Gulp.

Jutta Speidel loved posing for the camera with Eisi Gulp.

(Photo: Stefan Rampf)

She appeared in many series, such as “Forsthaus Falkenau”, “All My Daughters” or “For Heaven’s Sake”. Well he has JOTA SPEEDEL Guest appearance in “Dahum Ho Daham”, early evening on Bavarian TV (since October 2007). Speidel, 68, plays a shaman who appears in fictional Lansing in episodes August 23-25 ​​and helps Sascha (Eisi Gulp) in a crisis. Shaman Andrea is “a world traveler he once met in Mykonos,” according to a BR release. Speidel himself comments: “Funny show, small and above all crazy.”

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