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Certificate of imagination in Berlin: all the important information

The State Migration Office in Friedrich-Kreus-Ouver in Berlin. You can get a fantasy certificate here.

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With a fake certificate, foreigners can prove that they are allowed to stay in Germany for the time being. Everything is important at a glance.

Berlin. A fake certificate is important for foreigners, they can use a fake certificate to prove that they are allowed to stay in Germany for the time being. This right of residence arises with the application for the issuance or extension of a residence permit, which is submitted to the immigration authorities. The mock certificate is issued for the period during which the immigration authorities consider the application for a residence permit.

During this period, the residence remains legal after the expiration of the previous residence permit or the residence that was previously free of the permit. But from now on, the right of residence is only temporary. The bogus certificate is issued upon appointment.

Request a certificate of imagination – what do you need?

  • Legal residence with or without a residence permit: The applicant must have a valid residence permit (residence permit or national visa for long-term stays – Category D -) or be allowed to stay legally in Germany without a visa because his nationality authorizes him to do so. A dummy certificate cannot be issued to holders of a Schengen visa for short periods (Category C).
  • Residence permit application: A mock certificate is only issued if the residence permit has been applied for or extended and a decision on the application cannot be made at the time of the interview. Therefore, an application for a residence permit must be submitted so that a bogus certificate can be issued.
  • Main residence in Berlin
  • Personal appointment required

Applying for a fantasy certificate from Berlin: when do you get it?

A dummy certificate is issued if a decision has not yet been made on the residence permit for which an application has been made, for example because:

  • Documents are missing or the foreign file is not available
  • An electronic residence permit application (eAT) cannot be issued before the previous residence permit has expired
  • The outcome of the criminal proceedings must be awaited.

What documents do I need to apply for a fake certificate?

  • A valid passport or a replacement passport: The fictitious certificate is only valid in connection with a valid passport or an alternate passport.
  • Previous residence permit: If available, you must bring your previous residence permit with you, for example an electronic residence permit (eAT).
  • Proof of main residence in Berlin: Apartment registration certificate (confirmation of registration) or Lease contract and confirmation of relocation from the owner.

How much does a fictional certificate cost?

  • For adults: 13 euros, for minors 6.50 euros
  • Free for Turkish citizens, who are entitled to asylum, foreigners with the legal status of foreign refugees or persons entitled to subsidiary protection in Germany, resettlement of refugees within the meaning of Article 23 (4) Sentence 1 of the Residence Act, and foreigners who receive a grant from public funds for their residence or on presentation of current proof of receipt of benefits under SGB II or XII or under the Asylum Seekers Benefit Act

Can I travel with a fake certificate?

  • It is possible to travel abroad and return to the Federal Territory with a valid fictitious certificate in accordance with Section 81(4) of the Residence Act.

Fiction Certification Deadline: Who Is Responsible For Issuing Fiction Certification?

  • State Office for Migration (LEA), Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24, 13353 Berlin, (030) 90269-4000
  • State Office for Migration (LEA), Keplerstrasse 2, 10589 Berlin, (030) 90269-4000
  • State Office of Immigration (LEA), Business Immigration Service (BIS), Fasanenstrasse 85, 10623 Berlin, (030) 90269-5900

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