Black Box KW 33 – Shoals memory gaps, as big as the Grand Canyon

Chancellor Olaf was in Norway, also governed by private democrats, and asked for more gas for the winter, and of course he was reassuring for full solidarity, but unfortunately no more gas. Then we went to Hamburg for nonsense (“inquiry committee”). Journalists counted the number of times Olaf said “I don’t know”, “I don’t remember” and “I don’t remember” during his performance. “picture” Came to 29 times. What was that about? We can’t even remember that.

♦ After all, almost half RTL The people interviewed believe that Olaf is leading the country well through the crisis. On the other hand, even 19 per cent could not have imagined that the Friedrich Merz government would do the job better. So no state can be formed with Fritz, and there is no one else in the union who feels more comfortable with his government. Sodder, is this Lauterbach for the poor? He will be lucky if he survives the upcoming Bayern elections! Gunther from Kiel? Isn’t it through green temperature controls (“cold showers aren’t enough”)?

♦ Our brothers and sisters from NRW home again. The librettin is still green behind the ears (we’d rather say it’s also between the ears), but what about Herbert Roll? The indefatigable clan fighter (how unsuccessful) is made from different cakes and cereals. It really is, but unfortunately, Reul is currently moving against the citizens, with “40 more tanks with a capacity of 40,000 liters, which we are now distributing to police across the country so that we can deploy anywhere if there is an emergency.” against clans? No, against citizens who dare to protest “the energy crisis, prices, cold living rooms and fuel getting more expensive.” These are Ryol’s “new enemies of the state”. However it is also eliminated.

The Greens are sitting so high on horseback that they look down at the feet with nothing but mockery and disdain. “The German economy is stable, and German pensions are among the highest in the world,” Habeck Green Let the retirees line up. That’s why the old can easily afford the new gas surcharges, fees and tax increases, the green bastards believe, and those who haven’t lived here for long get extra support. And here’s what the reality looks like (in part): German pensioners get 51.6 percent of their last net wage, Italians 91.8 percent, French 73.6 percent, and Spaniards 83 percent—just to name a few. In addition, everyone retires much earlier.

The state’s cadet reservoir is as dry as the Rhine. Apparently, many young people want to hire Andrea Nallis directly first and then find out the next step. Many would also like to become masters like Karl Lauterbach. The latter’s time has never been good, because not much is to be expected, especially in the regions where the SPD rules. And young people can use Twitter anyway. The latest evidence of declining demands on the professor these days are Karl’s current posts: “For everyone still not sure if masks protect against COVID: Here’s a massive new US study evaluating over 1,700 studies. The benefit of masks is very large, indisputable and applies over many areas.” Of the 1,700 studies, a total of 13 were left with a total of 243 patients, and that too without assessment by fellow professionals. In other words: pure shisha bar chatter. No wonder kids want to become masters in SPD right away. .

♦ What about the TV? Not only are there killer salaries, but there are also bonuses with no extra service, and an expensive massage chair is “suddenly there” to “relieve the back pain caused by the pandemic.” Talking about. Are ‘we’ now also drowning in a corrupt state ranking because of state radio and its associates?

♦ for political propaganda in WDR Responsible for the Director of Information, Imagination and Entertainment. Information and fiction under one roof, that makes sense, and always think of entertainment. One is particularly proud of the Hart aber Fair program, which is perhaps one of the best ways to implement the concept of program management. Since old lieutenant colonel Blasberg is now retiring, an actor named Klamroth will follow. Then it becomes more interesting.

The always-happy Andrea Kewell (“Kiwi”) remarked in front of her bemused audience for a brief moment in the desperately needed TV park ♦ “Don’t make a face, I have to.” You just have to change. The excitement of Twitter ZDF– High Command, where they immediately demanded that Kiewel explicitly assure her that she was “compelled” because it was very important to her, and not because of a requirement from the ZDF.

♦ By the way, “nurse” was a “slip of the tongue,” says WDR. Many brokers “misunderstood” them at the same time.

♦ At first we thought it was one of Khader’s famous videos in which activists show their friends: “Yes! I’m in the Bundestag!”, but the women were annoying. And indeed: You can see Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland (just before the confrontation with Russia) dancing profusely, and her friends, who act like the Greens in the German parliament. Things can’t be that bad for Finland. But why is Sana Marine running a drug test? The greens don’t do that either…

♦ Why are we in Mali again? Now that the French are made of desert dust? You don’t have to ask our members of the Bundestag, most of them don’t even know where it is.

Producer prices in Almanda rose by 37.2 percent in one month, which we haven’t seen since 1949. Inflation – Ardolf from Turkey, here we go!

♦ Finally, an important tip from Waschlappen-Winfried from Stuttgart! By the way, it’s no wonder the Swabians are so proud of Kretschmann. The former teacher of Mao’s Gospel has come a long way: “I have an electric car, I ordered a huge rooftop photovoltaic system and a pellet heating system”, yet he remained “pahab” (stingy), which also according to the popular lexicon means that the mentally narrow-minded must It goes hand in hand. In any case, the Kretschmanns “usually only heat one room” for Mrs. Gerlind, after all, usually Winfried at the office or at a business dinner. Now the Prime Minister recommends his countrymen not to take a shower, after all, the towel is also a good invention.

I wish you a beautiful sunday!

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