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When “Alien” was released in 1979, director Ridley Scott wrote the history of the film. With iconic designs and horrific horror elements, the ultimate sci-fi movie has been created, available to you with a Disney Plus subscription.

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When cinema – symbolically speaking – took off for new shores at the end of the ’70s with films like “Star Wars”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” or the first “Star Trek” movie, an exciting phase in film history followed. Ridley Scott capitalized on the sci-fi wave, added a chunk of horror and created a massive hit with “Alien – The Uncanny Creature from a Strange World.” Here you can find out how your sci-fi masterpiece, which you can stream on Disney+, stands out from the competition.

The fact that “Alien” still has cult status today is nothing new, and there are probably many valid answers to the question of why it developed in this way. The establishment of the female protagonist (completely uncommon at the time) or the merging of fantasy and realism are just two examples that can be cited here. Although all this is rightly praised and even film scholars deal with it in many articles and books, there is one factor that explains the amazing fascination with the best movie “Alien”: The perfect symbiosis between technically sophisticated aesthetics and terrifying horror.

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Amazing and shocking science fiction horror

Much like James Cameron (director of the extra part Aliens), Ridley Scott has a strong penchant for visually appealing visuals. Beautiful star panoramas and a certain roughness in the spaceship create a luxurious atmosphere. The equally horrifying and fascinating design of the so-called Xenomorph by Swiss designer HR Giger, but also the inherent unpredictability that resonates at all times, are just two of the many examples that can be cited as its greatest technical strengths.

With nothing quite like it at the time, Alien still feels like a cinematic experience that allowed Scott to explore a wide range of creative ideas. Fortunately, this also ensures that everything looks very fresh here. The astonishing moments where even the actors didn’t know what was going to happen make the movie’s unforgettable moments into a masterpiece of horror. Scott brilliantly played with the audience’s unpredictability with the original trailer, which picks up obscure snippets and the line “Nobody can hear you scream in space.”

A milestone in pop culture

Since “Alien” has been followed by five more films (as of 2022), two crossover shows with Predator and several games, comics, and books, there’s still a world beyond cinematic frontiers. It’s no surprise that there is hardly a science fiction horror movie that isn’t inspired by “Alien.”

“Alien” has weathered the passage of time with flying colors and has long been considered one of the greatest masterpieces in film history. Since all six films of the “Alien” saga are included in Disney+, there’s nothing standing in the way of a marathon in the vastness of the universe — even if the quality unfortunately drops dramatically over the course of the series.

This is what Alien is all about in Disney+

In the year 2122, when the Nostromo spacecraft was returning to Earth, it intercepted a radio signal sent from an uninhabited planet. Since it’s an obvious distress signal, protocol dictates that the crew led by Officer Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) investigate the matter. So the crew of seven landed on the inconspicuous planet LV-426 to solve the mystery. After coming into contact with extraterrestrial organisms, a nerve-wracking battle for survival ensues against a seemingly unstoppable killing machine.

One of the most innovative horror movies of recent years is a Disney+ show of all places!

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