A walk through the life and books of Martin Sutter

At the 75th Locarno Film Festival “All About Martin Sutter. Except for the truth “Andre Schaeffer has his world premiere. The film, which allows the author to tour his books, will be shown in cinemas on August 25.

In “Erica Jong – Breaking The Wall”, which also celebrated its world premiere in Locarno a few days ago, one of the central questions was: How do you make a documentary about a writer? American writer Erica Jung (Fear of Flying) didn’t want to believe it was so interesting to watch her write.

In contrast to Caspar Cassix, who, in his portrait of the authors, focused more on Erica Jung’s books than on her person and her entire life, Andre Schaefer “Everything about Martin Sutter. Except for the truth” chose a completely different approach. He blends documentary and fiction through accompaniment Zurich writer to past addresses, on trips or to shows, and allows him to tell stories while wandering almost imperceptibly out of reality in his stories.

In his career, Martin Sutter immerses himself in scenes from “Die Zeit, Die Zeit”, “The Dark Side of the Moon” or “Lila, Lila” and notes his characters. The characters he says he looks for in himself, make them big – and then small again after he finishes the book. Based on his books, the 74-year-old tells how he writes and how every story has a secret. And a lot of imagination. Because he asks: Where, if not in the books, the thing could be simply impossible.

But Sutter can also be seen with his family. As a viewer you can see how he, his wife and child search for furniture for their dream house in Marrakesh, how the three of them watch videos together of Tony, Martin Sutter’s deceased son and wife Margaret Nye, or how the writer chats with her daughter Anna.

The scenes also frustrated well-known personalities such as musician Stefan Escher, former German football player Bastian Schweinsteiger and German writer Benjamin von Stackrad Bree. These are entertaining encounters, nothing more, nothing less. The moments when Sutter stands alone in front of the camera and talks with a lot of self-loathing are especially enriching. Tales from his childhood, about his career and his successes and defeats.

One thing is certainly true: a lot of new things can be learned from «All About Martin Sutter. Except for the fact »It’s not about the bestselling author. But the movie, which is exactly 90 minutes long, always remains interesting. It is cleverly organized and full of creative ideas.

It doesn’t matter if you know Sutter’s books or not. Because as cool as the idea with which the author wanders into his own stories – it doesn’t bother you. exactly the contrary. The work gives a nice shape and also provides a good basis for talking to Sotter about his writing.

In contrast to “Erica Jong – Breaking The Wall,” in which Kaspar Kasics portrays a rebellious feminist icon who is funny, but also very thoughtful, and a carpet, if you will, the André Schäfer documentary on Martin Sutter doesn’t live much from the character’s motive and weirdness. Main. The focus is on a quiet man who does not fight for social change through his books like Jong, but rather serves the pure pleasure of entertainment and good stories. Whether they are close to the truth or not.

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