Prime Video, Netflix and Disney +: All the new series and movies this week

Streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ kicked off this week with more than 50 new movies, series, and documentaries. Highlights include Black Widow, The Walking Dead, and The Billion Dollar Code. We show you every reboot at a glance.

From October 4-10, Netflix subscribers can look forward to new episodes of On My Block, Joint Venture, Sexy Beasts, and more. Moreover, The Billion Dollar Code is a hacker drama based on real events that deals, as a German mini-series, with the feud between the developers of the Terra Vision algorithm and Google. Netflix is ​​also showing new Pokémon animation, another comedy special starring Dave Chappelle, competitive reality TV Baking Impossible and a Dutch documentary about the Anne Frank Diaries.

On Amazon Prime Video streaming service, there’s season two of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, season sixteen of Grey’s Anatomy and new horror movies from The Blumhouse series to watch. The Justin Bieber documentary also celebrates its premiere. Disney+ and its Star channel are also offering Black Widow to all subscribers starting October 6, and additional episodes of The Walking Dead Season 11, What If… are planned. , Y: The Last Man and Only Murders in the Building. Finally, several seasons of Broadchurch and White Collar will be added to the program.

Netflix: new movies and series in week 40

  • On My Block: Season 4 October 4
  • Escape The Undertaker from October 5
  • Someone in your house as of October 6
  • Unsports from 6th of October
  • The Five Guanas from October 6th
  • The Impossible Bread from 6th of October
  • Love is blind: Brazil from October 6
  • Sensational Beasts: Season 2 October 7
  • Witches and cats from October 7
  • Billion Dollar Code: A miniseries on October 7
  • The dark and bleak tale of October 8
  • Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle released October 8
  • Grudges from October 8
  • Angelina from October 8
  • My brother my sister from October 8
  • Smart beautiful from October 8
  • Joint Project: Season 3 from October 8
  • Blue period from October 9
  • Hometown of Cha Cha Cha starting from October 9

Amazon Prime Video: New Movies and Series in Week 40

  • Hearts of Darkness – Journey to the Heart of Darkness from October 4
  • The Walking Dead: World Beyond S2 on October 4
  • Grey’s Anatomy S16 from October 4
  • Winter’s Tale on October 4
  • The Lodge from 6th of October
  • Eyes closed from October 7
  • Justin Bieber: Our world will come out on October 8
  • Welcome to The Blumhouse: New Movies Coming on October 8th

Disney + & Star: New Movies & Series in Week 40

  • The Walking Dead – Season 11, more episodes from October 4
  • Only Murders in the Building – Season 1, more episodes starting October 5th
  • Scott & Huutsch – Season 1, more episodes from October 6th
  • What if…? – Season 1, more episodes from October 6th
  • Confrontation… – Season 1 (National Geographic) from October 6th
  • Black Widow (for all subscribers) starting October 6th
  • Chip and Dale: Life in the Park – Season 1, more episodes from October 6
  • Dr. Doogie Kamealoha – Season 1, more episodes from October 6
  • Under the Stars – Season 1 from October 6
  • Bob’s Burgers Season 11 Episode 7 of October 6
  • Bliss the Hearts – Season 1 October 6
  • Broadchurch – Seasons 1-3 from 6th of October
  • White Collar Seasons 1-6 October 6 October
  • American Horror Stories – Season 1, more episodes coming October 6
  • One word: Feyenoord – Season 1, more episodes from October 6th
  • Grown-Ish – Season 4, more episodes from October 6th
  • The Great North – Season 1, more episodes from October 6
  • Y: The Last Man – Season 1, more episodes from October 6
  • War and Terror – In Hell in Syria (National Geographic) from October 8
  • The Haunted Muppet Palace outside October 8
  • The Miracle of Bern (Leonine) from October 8
  • Angel on Earth – Movie (Leonine) from October 8
  • Very hot number (Leonine) from October 8
  • Mr. Lehmann (Leonine) from October 8

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