Patricia Schlesinger is the “Fourth Estate”

Broadcaster in trouble: Patricia Schlesinger was president of ARD and director of RBB. She had an Audi A8 as her company’s car with 234 horsepower and special equipment, including massage seats. The purchase costs amounted to 145 thousand euros. Because the matter exploded and threatened to spiral out of control, Tom Bohreau took over the ARD these days. He promised relentlessly, in the wildest way possible: “We’re all disappointed and angry with ARD right now,” he says, playing sympathetically to the fee-paying audience. “We are checking if supervisory offices throughout the ARD are adequately equipped” (if not, fee increase imminent; undue comment by author, order recall from editors).

At the same time, Bohreau was alarmed by the alleged public skepticism in large parts of the population: “It is almost assumed that what was said to have happened in the RBB was happening throughout the ARD – which is not at all true.” What company car do you drive? A cleverly intelligent interviewer wants to know about Tom Bohreau. “I’m driving a BMW 7 Series.” With massage chairs, too, the journalist puts his finger on the tooth. Buhru: “I have to say, unfortunately yes. I don’t need it, I’ve never used it and didn’t even know it.”

Patricia Schlesinger: scandal, envy debate, decency

Patricia Schlesinger received a base salary of €303,000. In addition, she received a bonus of 20 thousand euros, which is supposed to bridge the wage gap between men and women. Consulting contract between Messi Berlin and Schlesinger’s husband Gerhard Spohr, former Spiegel editor, amounts to 100,000 euros.

The chair of the supervisory board of Messe Berlin, Wolf-Dieter Wolff, is also a radio director at RBB. Wolff himself is said to have brokered the consulting contract. What’s wrong here? Is a small clique of kleptocrats killing the cream of millions of citizens paying a fee (after all, 220.32 euros a year)?

The problem lies not only in the absolute number of salaries of ARD directors, but primarily in the mixture of self-service and high morals that journalists practice toward society on public television. The downfall of Federal President Christian Wolff describes a pattern: bribery due to EURO 753! A crowd of media threw themselves at the head of government, who looked exhausted and, on top of that, had unparalleled stupidity in calling and intimidating a BILD reporter.

It came down to the process, which didn’t turn into a show trial because Wolf had previously pulled the rope in the shape of his resignation. The attorney general has outdone himself. The published opinion encouraged him in this. At the end of the 5-year trial, there was an acquittal.

Patricia Schlesinger vs. Christian Wolff

Federal President Wolff resigned because of EURO 735! When asked if he could be corrupt, Talleyrand reportedly said that he was, of course, corruptible. He did not find anyone able to pay the price he was asking for. The Professor of Criminal Law in Cologne deceived himself in connection with Wolff’s case, explaining in a good way that even at €753 there was a “suspicion of corruption” who “wanted to confront Article 331 of the Criminal Code”. Additionally, it could have been a recurring condition.

Schlesinger: The Missing Ratios

Patricia Schlesinger became irresistible to ARD when it was revealed that she had her executive office on the thirteenth floor of the luxuriously remodeled RBB for around €650,000. Schlesinger used to be an investigative journalist, among other things. As the voice of truth revealed scandals.

That didn’t stop them from the foolishness of uploading their venison and champagne specials dinners to the RBB, ie: the fee payer. In fact, it has no serious relationship to the extent to which the scandal was covered by the size of the Schlesinger person. It’s just: How can an elite cult get its hands on the state and its institutions in this way? What will happen to the credibility of the state media, which – even beyond good manners, modest behavior, and a basic level of humility – lectures on morality, world salvation, and solidarity in its evening news?

Nobody holds the media class accountable, and this is the impotent impression of a large part of the population. BILD and WELT serve that feeling now. A journalist has the privilege of making mistakes every day. Everyone else does.

Patricia Schlesinger is the “Fourth Estate”

The view that the media is the fourth power of the state, not enshrined in the constitution, but primarily the decisive one: the guardian of democracy, the guarantor of the rule of law, the greatest civilizing achievement of the West – this view is fiction in all directions.

In the spring of 2022, the Rhineland-Palatinate will celebrate the Hambach Festival at Hambach Castle. Celebrities from politics and the media traveled to attend the event. A small group posing peacefully in front of the castle. Chaos has engulfed the castle, SWR 3 later reports. The Hambacher Schloss Foundation talks about Corona deniers, conspiracy theorists, and citizens of the Reich. After the ceremony, Dr. Joachim Jurgen, President of SWR 3 and Trimedia, next to Interior Minister Roger Lewentz’s armored limousine, ready to take to town: Force 4 as a passenger of Force 2 (whether in the massage seat is unclear).

Until recently, anyone talking about state radio was still considered a conspiracy theorist and, moreover, was suspicious of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Parts of the CDU are now doing this themselves. Dr. By the way, Görgen currently has to justify himself before the Green Party’s investigative committee on the flood disaster. The accusation: Not warning residents.

Schlesingers and bloggers

Today we stand in the maze of texts and relativity. Providing guidance here without forgetting the “Principle of Hearing and Changing” will be the task of the state media. However, today’s media is in many ways similar to the records of the eleventh century, which were more about the weather than about the real life of 95% of the population.

The important bureau of the Democratic Guard, when did it actually succeed? What a scrap baler could do can be seen in terms of the massive damage of Brexit. Since Margaret Thatcher, the island’s media has fueled discontent with Europe and Germany. On June 23, 2016, the seed was finally sown when a majority voted in a referendum in favor of Britain leaving the European Union.

The difference between Patricia Schlesinger or Tom Bohreau, who have a base salary of €413,000, and a blogger who earns practically nothing, is this: one works for the reward and the other for the ideal. This inevitably affects the quality of the reports. Because the blogger must replace the brand’s reputation with research evidence.

“We are not that different,” the paid TV presenter tells the non-paid blogger. – “That’s what the taxi says every time you hit a car,” replies the blogger (according to Bert Brecht).

Written by Sandro Hallank, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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