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The 31st Filmkunstfest starts on August 30th. 160 short and feature films can be watched until September 5, including eleven world premieres and 22 German premieres.

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by Axel Seitz

in this year Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern presents around 160 short and feature films. The organizers announced this at noon in Schwerin.

“Lunch Hour” by Lars Jessen on the show

The feature film “Mittagsstunden” by Lars Jessen is based on the novel by Dörte Hansen that will be shown in cinemas on September 22, and the documentary “Stille Sommer” about festivals in the Corona epidemic: these are just two films from the series “Scheduled in MV”. It can be tried at Filmkunstfest before the cinema premiere.

In the feature film competition, ten new productions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland traditionally compete for the main prize of the festival – a flying bull.

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A scene from the movie

Bestselling author Dörte Hansen talks about working with director Lars Jessen and the film’s September 12 premiere. more

The Art Film Festival Honorary Award of Matthias Habisch

This time, Matthias Habic was awarded the honorary award – the Golden Bull. The actor is honored with honors. The five films shown are “Der Fall Ö.” , filmed by Habich in DEFA in 1990, the film “Der Fangschuss” from 1976 by Volker Schlöndorff and two parts of the ARD TV series “Klemperer – Ein Leben in Germany” from 1999.

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Matthias Habic looking at the camera © picture alliance / dpa |  Georg Wendt Photo: Georg Wendt

The Filmkunstfest MV Honorary Award has been around for 20 years. This year, 82-year-old Habich will get it. more

The guest country Romania and the Rostock Police are contacting “Daniel A..” at the festival

In the private NDR, for example, the new Rostock Police called 110 “Daniel A.” (Scheduled to air on ARD in 2023) as well as the documentary Once Upon a Time South Schwerin about village life in Lopez. In addition, the Film Art Festival will once again feature competitions for short films and documentaries, the DEFA Series, and this year Romania will present the latest productions from the past two years as a guest country.

In addition to guest star Matthias Habic, actors Anneke Kim Sarnau, Annekathrin Bürger and Hinnerk Schönemann, as well as screenwriter Wolfgang Kohlhaase, recipient of the Filmkunstfest Golden Bull Award in 2015, are expected in Schwerin between August 30 and September 4.

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Actress Anneke Kim Sarnau on the NDR Talk Show on October 2, 2015 © Imago / Eventpress

As television commissioner König, she made her way into the hearts of the German public. Norddeutsche has received three Grimme Awards. more

Ulrich Tukur & The Rhythm Boys © Elena Zaucke

Filmkunstfest MV – started live and with an audience. Guest of honor Ulrich Tukur was present at the opening with Rhythm Boys. more

NDR MV LIVE presenter Franziska Amler in conversation with Anklam cinema operator Matthias Karstädt.  © NDR

Competition and Cost Pressure: Movie theaters face significant challenges. You have to be creative to keep up. more

Writer Dorty Hansen sitting on stage.  © screenshot

Organized reading in Hyde was a beautiful evening but a bit sad. more

Art Film Festival MV: 160 films from around the world in Schwerin

The 31st Filmkunstfest starts on August 30th. 160 short and long films can be watched. Also included is Lars Jessen’s “Mittagsstunden”.


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