Where reality and imagination blur

Written by Monchengladbach
Where reality and imagination blur

Arnold Küsters likes to do a site search for his books in order to create real plots. For “Klippengrab” we went to Cornwall. What he cares about in his books.

Arnold Küsters describes his enthusiasm for the lush landscapes of Cornwall as he fell in love with the southwestern tip of England in a jiffy. Lust for contrast, the author chose the picturesque fishing village of Cadgwith for the second time for the crime novel “Klippengrab” as the setting for mysterious deaths. He wrote a sequel to the thriller crime thriller “Klippentod”, which is now in its second edition. “The beautiful area is begging to see what’s going on beneath the surface.

There, too, crime grows and flourishes, ”says the author. Again he wrote under the pseudonym Ian Bray, which sounds very beautiful in English and combines a reference to the Scottish writer Ian Bradley with the name suggested by an English friend. In “Clientod” Coasters introduced a retired police officer Simon Jenkins Driven by memories of an accident in which he lost his girlfriend, he seeks peace in a picturesque coastal town, but then falls into a whirlwind of strange death. “Klippengrab” is a new story, but the heroes of the first volume reappear. Jenkins investigates again after the disappearance of a woman and at the same time The body of a woman appeared in the neighboring town.

The cast also includes Mary, whose life is in danger in the first volume, and Jenkins’ friend Luke. “Simon and Marie are still a couple. Simone is a bit claustrophobic, as men sometimes are. But there is a bang between the two,” reveals the author. If the landscape in the first volume was another secret main character, it would be included in the sequel in a more conservative way. The first book introduced the venue, and Kosters explains the difference. But the authentic portrayal in the work of fiction is still important to him, as is the believable design of the characters, some of whom he has real exemplars in Cornwall. Koster suspects that his inclination to research has something to do with his journalistic background. The Cornwall landscape and the staff of the volumes written so far seem to provide sufficient material for further sequels. The first edition of the planned third volume was written. The title has not yet been determined, but it can be called “Klippentanz”. The events should begin on Flora Day, the spring festival, in the small English town of Helston. He also wants to narrate the confrontation between Jenkins and his opponent. That could happen in the fourth volume. The author reveals that the idea of ​​the multi-part series only matured while writing.

For the premiere at the Degenhardt Library, Küsters will present “Klippengrab” on May 6, from 7:30 p.m. With the band “Hier geht was” he wants to add musical interludes to the reading. Kosters reveals that “the band has songs in German, and sometimes black humorous lyrics influenced by the Lower Rhine and also appropriate for England.” Returned from Cornwall a few days ago. Went there on vacation and looked again. “In Cornwall, I thought: I am walking around in my novel, meeting the landscape and the characters. Sometimes, I have to be careful to address people by their real names,” says the author.

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