There are many outstanding candidates for the position of the RBB Board of Directors

RBB is looking for a new director position: there are several high-profile candidates for Schlesinger’s successor

Patricia Schlesinger’s reign as RBB director is over: there is already debate over who her potential successor could be. The requirement profile is very demanding.

After the Schlesinger RBB case, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg needs a new director. After allegations of nepotism, consulting contracts, and questionable expenses, Schlesinger announced her resignation on August 7. The RBB’s 30-member Broadcasting Council together with representatives of parties and social groups is responsible for the new election procedures. A selection committee will be established to screen potential candidates. It will also search for successors outside the station.

Most public broadcasting departments are male and staffed by people from the West. But with RBB, this might look different now. Candidates from East Germany in particular are at the center of attention when it comes to finding an alternative. One thing is for sure: the replacement should mark a fresh start for RBB, because recovering from the Schlesinger scandals is no easy task.

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Tina Hassell

Leading in ARD: Tina Hassel, head of ARD Capital studio, wanted to become a director of ZDF last year. After the 58-year-old received fewer votes than Norbert Himmler in the first two ballots, she withdrew her candidacy after the second ballot. Hassell is a candidate for the left-wing progressive Circle of Friends on the Television Board, Tagesspiegel reported. It remains to be seen if your chances at Berlin-Brandenburg are better this time than when you recently ran for management.

Kristen Strobel

Kristen Strobel, former president of ARD film subsidiary Degeto and experienced media director, has worked her way up to the top of ARD program management. The 51-year-old is the daughter of Wolfgang Schäuble and could serve as an outsider for the RBB department. As ARD Program Director, Strobl has carried out a comprehensive restructuring of ARD TV programming since May 2021. Her focus is more on entertainment than news.

Martina Zoelner

According to “Tagesspiegel”, people of the RBB special ranks have a particularly good chance of becoming managers: because the person will be familiar with the structures of the house and the confidence of the employees will also be greater with a familiar face. Martina Zollner, Head of Documentary and Fiction in the Program District, could fit into RBB’s ideas. The 61-year-old has a reputation for an excellent software maker and great benefits in SWR.

Susan Long

Susan Lang has been the legal director of RBB since 2020, and therefore she is also a member of the board of directors. She was elected at the suggestion of Patricia Schlesinger – and Lange also questions about bonus payments. Its long history with the broadcast center speaks for itself: I’ve worked with RBB for more than 20 years. However, since it is linked to Schlesinger, Lange wouldn’t be a real fresh start for RBB.

first vebig

Born in Saxony, she has been running the state radio station SWR Rhineland-Palatinate since February. In the past, Vibage was a deputy spokeswoman and reporter at the Capital Studio. Most recently, she headed the press department of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs under then-Minister Franziska Giffi. The 48-year-old is being traded as a possible successor to Schlesinger.

Theo Col

A new try for Theo Cole? In 2016, Cole lost to Patricia Schlesinger in six long ballots. According to Tagesspiegel, he will be seen as a candidate for the RBB board position. The 64-year-old runs the ZDF capital city studio in Berlin and runs Berlin Direct. He’s not lacking in sympathy at the RBB Broadcasting Board. At Tagesspiegel’s request, Cole said he would be the last to comment on the case.

Matthias Des

Matthias Deiß could also be an option for Schlesinger’s successor. The 44-year-old is the vice president of studio ARD Capital, part of RBB aegis. Deiß can currently be seen in the summer interviews in Report from Berlin. He worked for a long time as a correspondent at RBB Bank and ran the RBB political magazine “Contrasts” for four years.

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