The true story of “Benedetta”: the background of the historical drama

Director Paul Verhoeven in “Benedetta” portrays a nun who caused a scandal in the 17th century. You can read here if there is a true story behind it.

Benedetta Carlini (Virginie Evira) comes to the monastery in the Italian municipality of Piscia as a novice. At that time, the plague was already spreading in Tuscany, and the young nun was increasingly suffering from disturbing visions. But this is not all that drives the priest – sexual fantasies also appear in her thoughts. She finds a confidant of Sister Bartolomea (Daphne Patakia), with whom she finally lives her carnal desires. A scandal in the seventeenth century has consequences for the nuns. But how much real story is there in the historical drama Benedetta?

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The real background of “Benedetta”

In fact, says Benedetta. True storyThe film is loosely based on the fantasy book Shameful Sentiments: The Life of a Gay Nun in Renaissance Italy. Judith Cora Brown, historian and author, tackles a case that is real and unique at the same time. The Benedetta Carlini case, which was very scandalous at the time, is new because the nun’s trial is the only known trial ever conducted against a lesbian woman in the Catholic Church. As Collider points out, Brown’s work consists primarily of copies of court documents that the Stanford historian placed in the Florence State Archives, according to the New York Times. The texts used by Brown indicate that the clergyman was accused not only of having an affair with another theatrical nun, but also of trumped-up stigmata.

Benedita: The difference between the movie and the real issue

Since the book, published by Judith Brown in 1986, is primarily based on court texts, it can be assumed that Paul Verhoeven embellished many aspects of the erotic closeness between the two nuns. At least there are no documentaries about the intimate game of love that the director here celebrates in the usual “Basic Instinct” manner frankly, provocatively and almost fun. The Irish Christian Civilization Society then felt compelled to petition to prevent the film from being shown in Irish cinemas. A spokesperson for the organization told the Belfast Telegraph that bringing the film to cinemas on Good Friday was a “calculated insult to Christians”.

The director also allowed himself artistic freedom with timing. In the cinematic adaptation of the story, a nun warns of 1619 of a plague that will overtake humanity with all its sins. Historically, this remembrance is documented and in the movie the plague spreads immediately. In reality, however, Benedetta’s vision came true only later – namely in 1630 and 1631, when the plague epidemic reached its climax.

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Benedetta: The True Story as Social Criticism

Even if Paul Verhoeven the true story of “Benedetta” in favor of the dramaturgy Equipped with all kinds of fairy talesNo one can deny the Dutchman’s socially critical claim. Because for all the love for the scandalous thriller, the end result is a work that unabashedly deals with vanity, double standards, greed for money and, above all, institutional power.

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