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It doesn’t matter if it’s a die-hard fan or the trade press: the “Arcane” “League of Legends” series is being showered with praise now. Chapter 3, consisting of episodes 7-9, begins today, and with it the grand finale of the Netflix sensation.


Arcane is Netflix’s biggest surprise of the year after Squid. But while the feel of a huge South Korean hit lies in the fact that it has a massive viewership, the “League Of Legends” series shines above all else with incredibly good reviews. “Arcane” is currently ranked 16th among the best rated series of all time on IMDb’s movie database and even 9th if you subtract documentaries!

The pre-release of “League Of Legends” had an impressive average rating of 9.4 stars with nearly 30,000 votes cast (although the leaderboard shows a rating of 9.1 because individual votes are weighted differently here). This makes the video game adaptation the best Netflix series of the year according to IMDb — and if you exclude documentaries, even the best Netflix series of all time.

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However, it is common on IMDb for shows to move down this list over time rather than up. On the other hand, it may be due to the fact that later viewers approach it with equally high expectations due to very good rating and therefore no surprise effect, or that the series is initially watched by fans who tend to give positive rating leave behind, while latecomers may just drop Because the title is inflated, even though the topic or genre doesn’t really appeal to them that much.

As well as the numbers on the review group page rotten tomatoes Speak volumes: Although only 15 reviews were given here, all were positive, resulting in the maximum rating of 100 percent. The audience rating there is also very strong: 98 percent of 1,423 users left a positive review (status of all info: November 19, 2021, 9:35 a.m.). The site summary is:

“Mysterious” gives the first impression of controlling it. An amazing blend of 2D and 3D animation is combined with an emotionally touching story.

“Arcane” big finale starts today

Lots of advance praise… Season 1 isn’t over yet! Or not Today the so-called Chapter 3 of “Arcane” begins on Netflix So Episodes 7-9. These are the last three episodes of League Of Legends at the moment and this will show if they manage to maintain the high level of the previous episodes.

For those wanting a taste of the Arcane finale, here’s the Act 3 trailer:

The second season of Arcane has yet to be announced. But after the previously impressive success of LoL, it wouldn’t really surprise us if the streaming service produced a sequel. After all, not only fans and critics love this adaptation, but “Arcane” should have been economically beneficial as well. The series has finished in the Netflix Top 10 list in more than 80 countries. Due to the huge mass of “League Of Legends” playable characters, countless previous stories can also be told in a similar style.

“Arcane”: These are the German dubbing actors of the Netflix series and you know them from these movies and series.

Modernization: Meanwhile, the series’ second season has also been announced – surprisingly quickly – by Netflix and Riot Games. Everything you need to know about this can be found in the following article. This also contains a short initial teaser and announcing the return of some characters.

Netflix Arcane Season 2 Trailer: These characters are back in the League of Legends series

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