South Park has been on screen for 25 years

When South Park premiered on Comedy Central in 1997, The Simpsons were at the height of their creativity. The comparison between the two animation formats comes to mind: The Simpsons’ dramatization is complex, the humor is subtle and the graphics are subtle, detailed, and elaborate. In South Park, the plot escalates regularly, the characters are silhouettes and shooting in each other’s faces or getting gifts from “Mr. Bring Hanky, Christmas poo. The Simpsons are the Beatles – South Park is the stones. Harder, faster, and better as time goes on.”

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While The Simspons ran out of creative air by season 11, South Park got better every year. Season 25 is now airing in German dubbing on Comedy Central. Still snappy than ever. I’m still willing to push the boundaries of good taste and still willing to mess with anything and everything. This is how South Park can raise a mirror to the world. clumsily. in bright light. Everything is told from the perspective of four primary school students.

The special epidemic is the best that has been shown about Corona so far. Imaginary and non-fictional. The makers take the disease very seriously. The viewer sees Jimbo suffocating miserably in the intensive care unit. But they also embrace the madness that comes from taking action and celebrating the event religiously: a vaccination center that becomes a VIP club because vaccination (actually in the United States) is the way out of an epidemic, but not enough vaccine is available. Teachers who are no longer willing to teach. Students who are crazy. The truth is those who see their hour has come.

The minds behind South Park are Trey Parker and Matt Stone. In the original they talk about the most important roles themselves, in my fourth graders, Kyle and Stan, they create two alternate characters who experience adventures for them. They grew up in a small town in Colorado, as did Stone and Parker. Kyle is a Jewish boy with high moral standards. Stan is the son of a Catholic family, presumably Irish. However, Stone and Parker later had to admit to each other that they thought they were Kyle and Stan. In fact, they were Cartman.

Eric Cartman is what JR was for Dallas: a supporting role at first, but quickly became an icon. He is fat, lazy, and intellectually dumb. But then again shrewd, but above all brutally savage, selfish and full of prejudice. He hates Jews, which is what makes Kyle feel it over and over again. But Eric also hates hippies, liberals, homeless, poor people, Mexicans … Such a villainous character has rarely stayed on the screen for long.

Cartman is also the one looking for a direct comparison with The Simpsons: in one episode he meets their villain, Bart, in the waiting room. That would be before Cartman. Then they compare their worst deed: Bart cut off the head of a monument and then buried it. Eric took revenge on a boy who tricked him. He lured his parents into an ambush where they were left to die, then stole the corpses, fetching them in chili and letting the unsuspecting boy eat them. The Simpsons sings yesterday – South Park sings Sympathy for the Devil. Satan also appears in South Park, of course, and has a homosexual relationship with Saddam Hussein in Hell. Jesus lives in South Park and has a talk show on the Open Channel.

Their opponents accused Stone and Parker of not taking a political position. Others accused them of taking right-wing positions and disrespecting minorities. The builders reacted in their own way. The answers have been given in this series. multiple. For example, when activist Rosie O’Donnell appears to participate in the primary school class representative election. In the end, teacher Mr. Garrison gave a speech accusing her that East Coast politicians and West Coast representatives don’t think much of the people in the country. They thought they could come every now and then and dictate from above how they should live.

Although everyone in South Park gets fat. Also rights. In a special pandemic, the Right seeks power from the Law movement and fails because they trust the outgoing president to lead their rebellion. They also have a youth movement. Quantity. In German: cute. Humor is still the best way to unload bloated feelings.

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Indecently Unfit: Randy Marsh in South Park

In regards to President Trump, Stone and Parker have achieved a stroke of artistic genius second to none. They did not want to portray Trump on the show. So they made the teacher’s character, Mr. Garrison, the boss in his stead. This allowed them to set the circumstances and gave them a character-level comment of their own: In the early seasons, Garrison held a wand, put a hat on it, called him “Mr. Top Hat” and spoke to and for him. during class. Garrison later became a homosexual, transformed into a woman, became a lesbian, and then converted again.

He then begins an affair with a leather slave he takes with him to class. Hoping to get expelled and sue the school for millions of dollars in damages. The leather slave identifies himself anally to the caste mascot, a live hamster. Children, angry, tell their parents – and then are classified by them as intolerant of homosexuals. They send the children to a tolerance camp, where they have to draw pictures of tolerance using finger colors as forced labor. If German artists wanted to say something like that, they would need a special evening Good heart. In South Park, 21 minutes is enough.

Stone and Parker have taken up the same criticism over and over. But they did not complain. They used it to develop the series. So they introduced the character of the computer school principal, who from now on monitors political correctness in South Park. He began an affair with Strong Woman in the business, which is now considered sexual exploitation in the United States because Strong Woman reports to him. Both of them together create the “Kids of the Computer”. Stubborn children who cry when someone does or says something inappropriate. There is no simpler way to simulate waking up. You can not simulate wake up more accurately.

Stone and Parker never gave up. They have taken all political tendencies, minorities and all religions. Even with Scientology – despite the threat of lawsuits. And although they lost the popular “chef” as a result of the corresponding episode. Its representative Isaac Hayes saw his religious feelings hurt him and resigned. Stone and Parker bid farewell to the character by letting the chef fall into the hands of the pedophile cult in one episode.

Stone and Parker lost to Islam only. Death threats came from his ranks when the Prophet Muhammad was to perform in South Park. Stone and Parker wanted to move on. But Comedy Central gave up. The radio did not even allow public discourse on fear and tolerance. Last week Comedy Central celebrated Christopher Street Day. When it’s safe, Comedy Central can’t be full of free-wheeling — only pants are fuller when they get uncomfortable.

But to avoid the wrong impression. South Park is also political. But first and foremost, it’s a show. amusing. They are often very funny. Offer endless good ideas. Someone always pulls something new out of the characters without letting them become a caricature of themselves, as Homer did in The Simpsons. For example Kenny.

The poor boy dies in each of the first episodes, only to be there again in the next episode. Then Stone and Parker left him dead for a season. Then Eric, Stan, and Kyle look for a replacement. First, he’s an overly crunchy butter, then addicted to Twik Coffee. After being expelled, the evil Pattres becomes “Professor Chaos”.

Again, this fits very well. Marvel movie season has arrived and South Park is incubating. The boys play the role of superheroes. But in the game it turns out that there is a real superhero among them: Kenny, who has the gift of immortality. An old idea turned into something new. The thing then worked by itself again. And not just memories of better artistic days like The Simpsons.

South Park’s future is assured. Contracts until the thirtieth season have already been signed. There are also specials on Paramount+. “Post Covid”, “Post Covid The Return of Covid” and “The Streaming Wars” have been published. So it will be a long time: they killed Kenny. Hey pigs!


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