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It surprised him, says the blond young man, who revolutionized the drug trade, with a smile. A customer from Colombia has already contacted his online store, of all things. “Don’t they have enough drugs there already?”

In their documentary Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord, directors Eva Müller and Michael Schmitt portray a young man named Maximilian Schmidt, a 19-year-old who started an online drugstore and drug lord from his childhood room in Leipzig that he did not give. Between 2013 and 2015, he sold over four million euros worth of cannabis, speed, cocaine, ecstasy, crystal and other drugs through his homemade shinyflakes.com website. The highlight of his website: he did not hide his store in the dark web, which is difficult to access, where drugs are usually traded; His website can be accessed via the regular internet. When he was arrested, the police confiscated a lot of drugs from his small room.

Coke is easy to split, but MDMA requires a hammer

As has been the case since the days of Pablo Escobar’s cocaine analogue smuggling, such a performance not only makes one punishable but also makes it very attractive in terms of popular culture. Maximilian Schmidt is the inspiration for the successful Netflix series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”, whose third season has just started and which is among the best produced in Germany in terms of entertainment in recent years. The show turns the theme of a teen drug lord into a funny school soap opera about the trials and tribulations of adolescence. The documentary on the real “Teenage Drug Lord” is from the same production company as the series and can also be watched on Netflix.

The filmmakers met Maximilian Schmidt, also known as Shiny Flakes, while he was in prison for four years and seven months. He was sentenced under juvenile justice. In the time that followed, they recreated his childhood room and, with their hero, showed how he founded his company and used the Deutsche Post as a courier. Place all orders (including a small bag of gummy bears) in the mailbox as normal. At first, there were only a few, and soon up to a hundred days, not only from Germany but from all over the world.

He also got his drugs off the internet, and ordered them at a filling station. At home, he divided everything according to the wishes of the client. Only coke with a spoon, and steel MDMA with a hammer in a plastic box. His store is in no way different from a mail-order shoe-buying company, as Schmidt explains in the movie, only that it offered drugs, well coded and the best customer service.

Maximilian Schmidt was imprisoned for four years and seven months.

(Photo: Netflix)

However, Schmidt did not keep his most important promise to delete the names and addresses of his clients once processing was completed. faithfully created an Excel list of approximately 14,000 data records. When the police learned about him, his arrest led to more than 4,000 criminal cases. Because he had to testify in hundreds of these trials, Schmidt spent most of his time in prison traveling across the country by train, from court to court.

The former head of the criminal police office in Saxony, the psychiatrist and court expert at Schmidt and others involved in the case also have their say in the film. The older generation used to gather criminal gangs under the bridge at night. You can still see the men’s astonishment in this lonely young man.


What happened to the money he collected from bitcoins? What does he say about the criminal proceedings that began against him since the spring of 2021 because, according to investigators, he tempted him again to open a new store? Maximilian Schmidt was silent with a thin smile on his face. It doesn’t look challenging, but it’s really entertaining. A smile drove the police and prosecutors crazy on several occasions.

Shiny_Flakes: Teenage drug lord, D 2021 – Directed by: Eva Muller, Michael Schmidt. Netflix, 97 minutes.

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