Recommendations series for the fourth week of April 2022

Season 3 of “Barry” with Bill Hader will be available on Sky from April 25. Photo: dpa / Sky Germany

There are a lot of new and great series from various streaming providers. To make your choice easier, we’ve picked the hottest new releases and the best classics for the week of April 23-30.

Whether it’s documentaries, sitcoms, mystery thrillers, or anything in between: you’ll find just the right series and movies for you in the Watson Series Guide!



From April 20, the long-awaited second season of the drama “Matryoshka” will finally be available on Netflix. In the first season, the eccentric Nadia, played by Natasha Lyonna, is caught in a time slot and forced to throw her birthday party time after time. After several rounds, I met Alan, who is also on a slot. But in the second season, everything becomes more complicated: Nadia first returns to the 80s. However, later she has to travel farther to recover the gold that her family has lost. Will she find her normal life again?

“Grace and Frankie”

The final season of the sitcom ‘Grace and Frankie’ will be available on Netflix starting April 29. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin play aging women Grace and Frankie, whose husbands are out in their 70s and want to live together as a married couple from now on. Their abandoned wives, who could not be more different at first glance, form their own community. Over the years, the always-dressed businesswoman Grace and esoteric fan Frankie have become more and more friends, going on ridiculous adventures and supporting each other.

Amazon Prime Video


Since April 16, you can watch all three seasons of the sci-fi series “The Leftovers” on Amazon Prime Video. Here’s what it’s about: At the time of the event three years ago, 2% of the world’s population had simply disappeared. The distribution was the same worldwide, with the exception of the small town of Miracle in East Texas, where no one had disappeared. There, two families get to know each other who were affected by the event in very different ways. Many of the “remnants” feel intense guilt and believe in religious punishment. Still others are trying to figure out how the 140 million people disappeared in this way. Also in attendance were Justin Theroux, Carrie Coon, Margaret Qualley, Regina King and Liv Tyler.

Disney +


If you, as a big Disney fan, have always wanted to know how to create cartoon characters and cartoons, Sketchbook is the series for you. Six Disney animators and animators share how they created, drawn, and brought to life iconic Disney characters. Among other things, viewers will get to know the artists behind Simba from “The Lion King”, Olaf from “Frozen”, Genie from “Aladdin”, Mirabel from “Encanto”, and Kuzco from “A Kingdom for a Llama” , and Captain Hook from “You Know Peter Pan”. You can watch “Sketchbook” on Disney+ starting April 27.



Starting April 25, you can watch Season 3 of HBO’s Barry on HBO. The drama series focuses on Barry, played by comedian and “Saturday Night Live” star Bill Hader. This is a contract killer, but he always quarrels with this “profession”. One day when he gets the order to kill the mistress of a mafia boss’s wife, he hesitates and thus puts himself in danger. On the second attempt, he enrolled in an amateur acting course, which his victim also attends. Against all odds, Barry loves acting and becomes friends with the rest of the class. He even falls in love with his classmate Sally. But it’s not easy to give up your job as a hitman.

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