Philip Pratt: ‘Non-fictional, we think in all directions’

Pratt, what does the unwritten format have to bring with it in order for you to be interested in it on Amazon?

We’re still at the beginning with non-fiction titles from Germany in Prime Video. After the documentary format “Inside Borussia Dortmund”, we are now starting our first non-fiction German comedy format with “Chris Tal Presents…”. We were sure from the start that we wanted to do comedy. Comedy is one of Prime Video’s most successful genres in the written area, so it makes sense to test the color for the unwritten as well. For now, that’s exactly what we’re doing: We’re testing what our prime members love.

How does Chris Tal, of all people, provide unmistakable value to Amazon?

It’s just hilarious. Chris Tal is one of Germany’s most popular young comedians. It attracts not only a large number of young people, but also the elderly, and thus fits perfectly with the broad social and demographic exhibitor structure that we reach with our offer. We think it’s great and we know through market research that our customers feel the same way.

So far, Chris Tall has basically been the face of RTL. What makes you sure that this success can also extend to the streaming service?

Chris was our first choice. But that doesn’t mean we won’t keep looking for who can do comedy on Prime Video in the future. Basically, we’re looking for new faces that we can still make. A lot will happen in the long run.

Chris Tull says in Episode One “Fuck the Fat People” and adds, “They should translate that into America!” Should the new show convince the audience off-limits?

Of course, Chris Tal will address mainly the German audience. Obviously our aim is to show that first and foremost he is doing well in Germany. If we get to meet other people outside, that’s nice and cool – but it doesn’t have to be. We certainly won’t measure the success of “Chris Tall Presents…” by that.

What goals have you set for yourself with unregistered formats?

We have big plans: we want to organize big events for viewers and we are also in talks with all German producers. We are open to ideas and therefore listen to promotions impartially.

How could such an event look?

We think in all directions: Prime Video’s non-fiction successes are “The Grand Tour” or “All or Nothing: Manchester City” from Great Britain, “El Corazón de Sergio Ramos” from Spain, and in Japan we got “The Bachelor”. And the Japanese original “LOL: Last One Laughing”. This format has already been exported to countries such as Mexico and Australia. While these international Amazon originals don’t set the specific direction for Germany, they do show how vast Prime Video is in the unrecorded clip.

What outcome are you thinking of?

We prioritize quality over quantity. We aim to find content that is qualitatively suitable for Prime Video. We also want to offer our core members fresh perspectives on the well-known genres they know of and produce at the highest level. Accordingly, we think carefully about what suits us. We operate under the motto “we can, but we don’t have to”.

Are there types that you exclude yourself?

In addition to comedy, we are currently working on ideas for reality shows, music shows or physical shows. In addition, we would like to use the docu-reality & docu-follow area and continue our commitment to high-end realistic entertainment.

“It looks like a giant startup.” – Philip Pratt for Amazon’s development work in Germany.

Reality television is very successful in linear television. How will Amazon explore and showcase this genre?

This color should have the visual quality and content that Prime members can expect from Prime Video. We want to introduce new ideas for this genre. You have to be patient to see exactly what it looks like. We are currently developing and talking a lot with producers, most of which won’t be visible until next year. We also take a closer look at the broadcast type: do we show all episodes simultaneously, as is known from streaming services? Or do we choose the weekly broadcast like “The Grand Tour”? Both are possible, and both have advantages and disadvantages. We are currently doing a lot of development work here. It sounds like a giant startup company, we are growing at an amazing speed and we are always looking to strengthen our team in Munich. We currently have vacancies in the field of non-script and written development as well as business affairs, executive and legal marketing positions.

What does the next milestone for Amazon’s ‘startup’ look like?

In the field of non-fiction content, it would be exciting to start a major show of the six mentioned genres for Prime Video. We want to develop Prime Video into an important provider of non-fiction formats as well.

Mr. Pratt, thank you very much for the interview.

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