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“True Crime Series” is thus far shallow and frightening formats of cinematic/documentary narrative: the focus was on direct shock effects, and audiences had long been unable to lure them to screens because of the often cheap style, audiences were satiated and little interested. For this reason, many true crime documentaries were often shipped to various television stations on late programming or shown in entire blocks on specialized stations.

by Christian Close

That has changed. At least since “Making a Murderer” and “Tiger King,” well-produced and well-produced true crime documentaries and films have thrived on streaming services: Similar acts have followed, especially on Netflix, surprisingly many, and research has been done. and staged. They are about cunning scammers and Flawed heroesAnd the “bad guys” who cheat, lie, manipulate and deceive others, violent criminals and their crimes, corrupt institutions and incredible criminal cases. The audience is immersed in a mysterious, dangerous and strange world that emanates a shocking magic.

The following list presents the ten best true crime documentaries (series and movies) currently available on Netflix.

10th place: “Trust Nobody: The Quest for the King of Cryptography”

A group of former investors are trying to solve the case of the death of cryptocurrency king Gerald Cotten and the whereabouts of the $250 million Cotten stole from them in the so-called QuadrigaCX scandal. From a certain point on, Cotten was no longer available, and he traveled the world – and apparently died mysteriously on a trip to India. His widow claims she knows nothing, and official investigations have since stalled, but money is lost. And still there are those who believe that Cotten only faked his death and is still alive: a long and interesting search for clues, which coincidentally gives insight into the dubious world of cryptocurrency and traces its past boom.

9th place: “Sons of Sam: Descent into the Darkness”

This documentary series chronicles one of the most notorious murders in New York history, the “Son of Sam” murders. David Berkowitz was identified and convicted as the culprit, but later asserted that he was acting as part of a shadowy satanic sect and not the only culprit – a theory that reporter Murray Terry has championed from the start and followed obsessively. Evidence-gathering, investigation, archive digging and an abyss of bad police work to prove it: Sons of Sam is also an underappreciated portrait (and a hymn to exemplary investigative journalism) of this unsung hero who lived his life by believing in the justice that was sacrificed. , cost what you can.

8th place: “John Wayne Gacy: Self-Portrait of a Serial Killer”

Psychologically useful portrait of a “killer clown”, among others also a model for Stephen King’s “It”, John Wayne Gacy, a bragging, conceited man, Braggart who sought the closeness of respected public and political figures and remained throughout his life with his persecuted bisexuality and was his father In an internal struggle, which leads him to horrific murders, which he describes in the recordings almost casually and almost accidentally: the banality of evil.

Seventh place: “Ikarus”

In fact, Icarus was supposed to be about something completely different: American director and enthusiastic hobbyist Brian Fogel wants to do a (self) experiment to find out if and how you can handle doping tests and pass the corresponding doping tests. to be more successful. In the course of his experience, he met the Russian scientist Grigory Rodchenko, who recommended him as an “expert in undetectable doping systems.” What follows is a glimpse into the Russian system’s abyss of lies, power, fraud, and non-violent manipulation—and it’s all too recent, especially in light of Putin’s attack on Ukraine. -> Detailed review

6th place: “Bad vegan”

“Bad Vegan”, a 4-part documentary mini-series, about the rise and fall of New York restaurateur Sarma Melengelis, who became known outside city limits at the turn of the millennium for her restaurant Pure Food and Wine: she met an acquainted Anthony Strangis, who… Same name as “Shane Fox” at the time. He pretends to be a secret agent who will fight for the “good cause” and redemption in dangerous missions. She married in 2012, and things went from there for Melangelis, who blamed herself as part of a very toxic and sick relationship. Aside from the obvious voyeuristic value, Bad Vegan is also an enlightening story about psychological abyss and addiction. -> Detailed review

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