New to SKY: All Movies and Series August 2022 (List)

There is also a lot going on in August New in Sky to discover. Both thriller series and some notable movies have been hidden in the new provider’s offering. We’ll tell you which headlines get you particularly excited and what you can expect this month.

New to Sky: August highlights

As in the previous months, a colorful mixture of current and old movie and series titles awaits you in August, which is supposed to inspire you. In this way, the streaming service wants to ensure that there is something for everyone, even if this time the movies focus on crime and thrillers. And even with this series, a very specific trend prevails. New to Sky in August is a selection of exciting documentaries to quench your thirst for knowledge.

House of Gucci (2021)

With “House of Gucci,” the August livestream is dressed up in a particularly cool thread. Adapted from the 2001 book of the same name by Ridley Scott, this biographical crime drama is packed with stars and story.

It tells the story of Patricia Reggiani, an outsider who hails from a humble background and marries into the wealthy Gucci family. But driven by an almost unbridled ambition to destroy the family and its legacy, the film unfolds in a tense spiral of betrayal, decadence, revenge, and even murder.

The Hollywood reality film debuted at the end of last year after garnering attention with a massive ad campaign that even extended to True Crime’s podcasts.

In the lead roles of Patricia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci, you see pop icon Lady Gaga and Star Wars villain Adam Driver. Alongside her are the true screen greats like Al Pacino (“Scarface”), Salma Hayek (“Dusk Till Dawn”) or Jared Leto, whom we last saw as the blood-sucking villain Morbius.

House of the Dragon (2022)

The second home you can move into on Sky this month also promises pure excitement. With “House of the Dragon”, “Game of Thrones” finally got its long-awaited prequel. This will also start in Germany from August 22 in parallel with the US broadcast. Each week you will watch one of ten episodes, which should tell you the history of the song about ice and fire.

Nearly 200 years before the events of the Battle of the Iron Throne, you are in the midst of the heyday of the Targaryen dynasty. This was repeatedly shaken by vengeful power struggles and political intrigue. But above all, it is the internal family conflicts that threaten the reign of dragons again and again.

At the heart of the tale of “fire and blood” are brothers Rhaenyra and Daemon, who herald the end of an era in a bitter duel for supremacy of the Seven Kingdoms.

New to Sky Cinemas: These films are coming in August

Below you’ll find an overview of all the movies waiting for you on Sky in August.

movie title New on Sky from
“Tracker – Paths of Vengeance” August 1
“respect” August 3
“The Hunter’s Doctrine” 4th of August
Gucci House 5th of August
“Bigfoot Jr. – A Foolish, Crazy Family Journey” August 6
“Rogue Hostage” August 8
“moon fall” 12. August
‘Gil Unable to Connect’ August 13
“Fly – a dance movie” August 15
“Honey Girls” August 17
“Paws of Fury – Hank’s Legend” August 19
“dangerous” August 20
“Johnson gang” August 24
“Singing – Showing Your Life” August 26
“Impasse” August 27
“Champions of Possibilities – Riders of Justice” August 29
New movies at Sky Cinema

What’s new in Sky Entertainment: All the movies this month

Of course, we don’t want to blind you to any series that are waiting for you this month on Sky.

Titles of series and documentaries New on Sky from
“Smoke and Steel – Mysteries of the Modern World” August 2
“Raised by Wolves” (Season 2) 4th of August
“Patagonia” 4th of August
“Bad Billionaire” 5th of August
Animals behind the camera 5th of August
“Gentleman Jack” (season 2) 5th of August
“ghost” August 9
“Mayan’s MC” (season 4) August 9
“Bull” (season 6) August 10
Block 181 August 11
“Resident Alien” (season 2) August 11
Ipcress file August 14
“Breeders” (season 3) August 16
“Accident, Suicide, or Murder” (Season 3) August 16
“Latin America from above” August 17
George Carlin’s American Dream August 18
“Dragon House” August 22
“Master Chef USA” (season 12) August 22
“DMZ” August 24
Nikki Glaser: Dirty Clean Good August 26
The new series on Sky Entertainment

More broadcasts in August

For you, new movies and series on Sky in August 2022 are nothing more than old hat? There might have been something from the previous month: These are all the new movies and series on Sky last July. Of course, we will also tell you about the hottest new movies and series on Netflix in August. And of course we also have an Amazon Prime offer ready for August.

Sources: Sky, private research

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