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High school in Zurich, Saturday night, in an old gymnasium. This is where Zoe throws a secret party. The night ends in disaster: Zoe is raped. And no one knows who it was. And so, “That with de Zoe” shakes up the whole school…

What is the matter?

Friendship, love, morals, trust, guilt, sex, bullying, revenge – these are the themes of “The Thing With Di Zoe”. But the podcast series is also a thriller: Who is the culprit? The more I got involved with Zoe’s clique, the more confusing things got. What really happened that night? Will rape be resolved? Does it lead to the division of the clique? And anyway – will normalcy be possible again? A difficult-to-understand crime has been reconstructed from different angles. The boundaries between truth, lies, and projection are constantly changing.

Is it a true story?

The series is fictional, but it is original and close to the reality of young people. Last but not least, thanks to the young staff: because the clique is played by drama students from Zurich. Music is 21 years old Zurich Noah Ferrari Compose, record and sing.

“The Thing With Di Zoe” It is an intense and emotional listening experience: the effect of binge listening is guaranteed.

The series was produced by Danish Radio DR in 2018 under the original title: Det med Liv. The story was written by screenwriter Julie Budtz Sørensen and combines the quality of a Scandinavian soap opera with the intensity of strong radio theatrical dialogue. Swiss theater maker Andreas Liebmann, who lives in Copenhagen, translated the text of the SRF into Züritütsch and adapted it to Swiss conditions. The radio theatrical series was produced in and around a radio operating studio in Zurich.

Where can I hear it

Here for example. But of course the 10 episodes are available on all the popular podcast apps. on me Spotify even has a playlist With radio playback loops and Noah Ferrari music.

every 10 episodes


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Younger target audience? Not only …

With the launch of a radio theater series for a younger target audience, SRF Hörspiel is opening new horizons to reach young people in Switzerland. The series “Digital First” is launched as a podcast, designed specifically for the target group. However, the topic is very relevant across generations and, in addition to a youth audience, it also addresses parents, teachers and schools and remains a topic. That’s why it’s planned to go live on SRF Radio 1 in the fall.

When a novel tells a story like Zoe, it also attracts people aged 30, 45 and 70.

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text: Julie Bodtz Sorensen, from Denmark by Andreas Liebmann.
Age Recommendation: from 16 years old.

with: Amélie Luise Hug (Sofie, student), Rabea Lüthi (Zoë, student), Sean Douglas (Alex, student), Rino Hosennen (Luca, student), Jonas Julian Niemann (Ben, student), Hannes Schraner (Philip, student), Lou Haltener (Leonie, student), Anna Schenz (Katherine Linnert, teacher), Sebastian Krähenbühl (Martin Brindley, rector), Joachim Achlemann (Beer Anlecker, vice rector), Jane DeVos (Lisa Petkovich, police officer), Anna Katharina Mueller (Susan, Zoe’s mother), Sophie Angern (Mia, classmate), Jasmine Glore (Emma, ​​classmate), Yves Kamen (Sammy, classmate), Matthias Cole (Chachber, classmate), Urs Joker (Jack, father Alex), Karen Brie (Mrs. Sonderegger, Mia’s mother), Sirio Flückiger (Mr. Bajna, Emma’s father), Zita Bernet (Christine, Sofie’s mother), Budimka Bajo-Bollin (Canteen lady)

as well as with: Lara Dorcchy, Lena Hasenfrats, Michelle Hurlimann, Salome Imus, Noemi Merki, Levine Geiser, Roman Kewick, Ryan C. Paget, Luca Schiffer, Sabine Bar Graf, Elizabeth Stahely, Manuel Diener, Martin Ganser, Samuel Schmid

co-director: Zeta Burnett – Sound engineering recordings: Miriam Emmeniger, Franz Baumann, Roland Fitzer – Audio Engineering Post Production: Basil Knieubuhler – Music: Noah Ferrari (Gina Pelosi) – Transfer from Denmark: Andreas Lippmann – Dramaturgy and directing: Ritu Out – Produce: SRF 2021

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