Netflix is ​​relaunching Germany’s hottest criminal case

Tim Greets | 06/26/2022 at 8:31 PM

Gladbeck’s Hostage Drama – Hostage-takers Hans-Jürgen Rosner (front left) and Dieter Degovsky (second from right) with hostage Silke Bischoff, who was later shot.

IMAGO / Sven Simon

We all love true crime, but this Netflix documentary is really hiding. With Gladbeck: The Drama of the Hostages, the most exciting criminal case in German history is reopened and tells of the hostage-taking that lasted an astonishing 54 hours.

August 1988 – Two armed men rob a bank in Gladbeck, resulting in a hostage situation that ends with three dead. The new Netflix documentary “Gladbeck: The Hostage Drama” deals with this stunning criminal case and, with an unusual approach, manages to bring the horrors of this infamous 54 Hours closer to viewers.

The film shows how quickly the situation has escalated in this case and how much the media and police have played their part. While the gangsters present themselves in a crowd and journalists are freely available for interviews, there is nothing to see from the police for hours!

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