Netflix Codes: With This Secret Trick You Will Find 1000 Hidden Movies


The Netflix offering is really huge, but it seems like you’re always watching the same movies and series. Netflix secret codes will help!

By using Netflix secret codes, you can make more use of the streaming service. (Source: Pixinooo /

  • Netflix uses an algorithm to automatically select movies and series you might like.
  • However, some titles will be presented to you over and over again, while others are hidden deep within the breadth of Netflix’s offering.
  • With Netflix secret codes, you can find hidden categories and genres that have some highlights.

Netflix prefers to show you new series and movies or content that you might be interested in on the home screen. The streaming giant is doing its best to do this, for example with the currently most popular Netflix content or the current top 10. However, if you connect to Netflix every day, you can quickly get the impression that the selection has stopped.

Sure, Netflix’s algorithm means well, but not all titles that you should statistically like count. In addition, Netflix internal products are often given preferential treatment. This can be annoying in the long run, but there is a way out: Netflix codes.

These help you to break out of the previous suggestions and unlock about 1000 hidden movies. Best of all, each icon refers to a specific category, such as comedies, westerns, or religious movies. Not only can you find new movies, but you can simply view all the content you want to watch as you wish.

This works in the Netflix app and via a web browser or smart TV. Another advantage is that Netflix remembers when you watched a new movie and adjusts the suggestions accordingly. Over a longer period of time, the splash page should display more diverse content to suit your taste.

Below we explain the available Netflix codes and how you can enter the codes into the app, browser or smart TV.

What are Netflix Codes?

Netflix codes are groups of numbers consisting of three to six numbers. Each category and genre has its own unique code that allows the content to be displayed accordingly. The code is a direct link to a specific category like horror, documentaries, or something similar. You can see it when you open Netflix in your browser and watch action movies, for example. At the end of the Internet address is the number code corresponding to the category.

How do I enter Netflix codes?

You can easily use secret codes, but only via the browser. Use the following website link to replace “XYZ” with the number combinations shown below. Netflix will show you all the movies and series in the corresponding category. However, in order for you to have less work, we have already linked your websites. So just click on the desired category and Netflix will show the content.

But how do you enter Netflix codes in the app or on your smart TV?

This is very easy, but with a little detour. On your mobile devices, you must first open the URL corresponding to the category you want in your Netflix browser. It should open your installed Netflix app and show you the content you’re looking for. Unfortunately this does not work on TV. To do this, you can call up the category you want at best on your computer and add the content you want to see to your list. All you have to do is hover your mouse over a movie or series and click on the little “+” icon.

A quick look at the most popular Netflix codes

Action and adventure movies

Action superheroes, car chases or amazing martial arts fights: If you like action and adventure movies, then the following digital codes is definitely for you. Simply click on the category name and you will be taken to the Netflix show.

Action and adventure movies

Anime movies

Japanese animated films are mainly known as “anime”. However, the Netflix streaming service has other subcategories. Do you like watching anime? Then you will definitely use the following code more often. Click on the appropriate category and you will be redirected directly to Netflix.

Children and family movies

If you’re planning a movie night with the whole family, you don’t have to dig into youth ratings any further. By clicking on the respective category “Kids and Family Movies” you will only find content suitable for children as well. If you activate a parental control PIN on Netflix, you can let your kids find it themselves.

Children and family movies

classic movie

Indulge in nostalgia thanks to the Classic Movies category. With Netflix, you can choose a movie noir, an epic movie, or a somewhat silent movie. Enter the digital code in the browser or use the direct link.


Are you ready for a real belly workout? Then browse the comics on Netflix. Select the desired category with one click and get ready for a real laughter marathon.

Cult movies

Thanks to cult movies on Netflix, you don’t join a cult, but you do enjoy movies that have simply become a “religious cult” over time. Control the category with one click and breathe a sigh of relief from your friends.


If you want to educate yourself a little more in the evening, take a look at the documentaries on Netflix. There are in-house productions and high-quality documentaries that have already made an impact. Clicking on the title will take you directly to Netflix.


There is nothing quite as exciting as a heartbreaking love story or an eventful autobiography. Prepare tissue paper and follow the direct link to the respective category.

Faith and Spirituality

Do you want to expand your horizons? Then allow yourself to be a source of inspiration to philosophers or religious leaders or reports of mind-expanding material. Netflix calls this category “Faith & Spirituality.”

Faith and Spirituality

international movies

Shouldn’t it always be popular cinema from the US? Netflix also offers you many international movies that you can watch with original soundtrack by changing the language on Netflix. Follow the link and watch movies in English, Spanish, Italian and more.

LGBTQ movies

The LGBTQ category, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Gay, brings you movies about same-sex love and about people who don’t believe in a clear separation between men and women. Here Netflix offers dramas, documentaries, and more.

horror movies

Thanks to the wide range of horror movies on offer, you sit in front of the TV and chatter your teeth. If your Halloween costume is already gathering dust in the closet, here you will find stories about vampires, undead and other scary creatures. Do you dare to click on the category link?

independent movies

Independent films are notable in the following categories. These are funded by small film companies or even out of their own pockets and are often refreshingly different. You can watch all the independent movies by clicking on the respective category.

Musical films

Did you know that Netflix is ​​almost also a music streaming service? In the ‘Music’ subcategories you will find concerts, biographies and more about your favorite artists.

Romantic Movies

If you’re reading this article just before Valentine’s Day, you might want to take a look at our Romantic Movies category. Click on the link and give your boyfriend or girlfriend the treat for a romantic movie night.

Science fiction and fantasy

As a network reader, you are certainly not alienated from technology or space. Beneath science fiction and fantasy you see more than just a not-so-astonishing lunar eclipse. Explore distant planets or leave yourself far away in the world of mythical creatures. All this is waiting for you behind the link for the relevant category.

Science fiction and fantasy

Sports movies

Did you know that every sport includes rest periods? Perfect, then use it to watch a sports movie on Netflix. This will keep you in the right state of mind to get back into production after the movie.


Evil characters, fearsome jungles and terrifying serial killers are waiting for you in the Action category. Click on the subcategory link or copy and paste the Netflix icon into your address bar.


You will not only find secret Netflix codes for movies. Using the key numbers for the following categories, you can inquire about the best series on Netflix in no time at all. Alternatively, you can click on the corresponding link in the table.

Have you clicked on all categories and haven’t found a movie yet? Then you may want to look for an alternative to Netflix. In our comparison of video streaming services, we tell you the advantages and disadvantages that Amazon Prime, Disney + and Co. have to offer. In addition, you can see in our series area which is very popular at the moment.

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