Love Storm vs Eckart von Hirschhausen on ARD

“Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen wins this summer with Hirschhausen! It’s simply better to live your ‘first afternoon’ of TV.” That’s still what he says on the website ARD to read. It is the most successful conquest since the Carthaginian campaign against Rome. The start was very meager for Hirschhausen – the number of spectators reached 570,000 spectators. But then things really went downhill: On Thursday, the climate-saving clown doctor had just 370,000 viewers—and hardly anything drops off at a station many people turn to out of habit. The ARD Needs late evening to recover from Hirschhausen poison. “Sturm der Liebe” recently reached nearly three times the number of viewers in the same time period.

Now the protest against Hirschhausen is developing. In fact, his show was only supposed to last less than three weeks. In the slot of the series “Love Storm”. But their fans, like the trade press, suspected an audition. Because the Hirschhausen team combines two important advantages of the first. He promotes the station’s political agenda: eat less meat while riding a cargo bike to protect the climate, etc. In addition, educational television is much cheaper than series. And the more than 8 billion euros that taxpayers put in each year is barely enough for pension benefits ARD-Employees or for “service meals” in a home ARDPresident Patricia Schlesinger. “Given our limited resources, we have to consider if we can still afford a fantasy show in the afternoon.” ARDProgram Director Kristen Strobel from the technical side He said.

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but the ARD He has an engaged audience. A person who defends the good and beautiful things in the world, makes personal sacrifices and, if necessary, messes with the strong. But it’s not about the 370,000 people taking an afternoon nap in front of Hirschhausen. But about fans of “Love Storm”. They are now on the move to maintain their chain. They started a petition on Facebook.

As of Friday afternoon, the petition had received only about 1,200 signatures. However, its makers hope the reports will give more power to action. Anyone who wants to sign up for the continuation of “Sturm der Liebe” – or for the separation of Team Hirschhausen – can do so via the page.

According to the site Fans are even to boycott ARD Ready. The fan page “Sturm der Liebe” on Facebook already has about 260,000 followers – a share that TV is not far from Hirschhausen.

Another season of “Love Storm” is planned. It will be nineteenth. annoying colorful The contract runs until the end of 2023. And it must run on August 15: Caroline must be afraid to go to prison; There is a crisis in her relationship with Michael and Josie is also curious about Leon. Anyone who thinks this kitsch has not read the salutation that Wikipedia devotes to “Love Storm”: “The limits of credibility are deliberately manipulated, and the resulting comedy is in turn realistic, at least serious detail is entered into it and thus original content and potentially entertaining narration. The long story provides the complexity of the plot and references to events that occurred several years ago and even its details.” For example, the unforgettable drama of the episode in which Hanno discovers the secret of Hildegard’s roast pork.

As a compromise, the creators of “Love Storm” could write more saving the world in texts. For example, when Hildegard’s roast pork becomes delicious tofu – or tofu at all. In the Christmas episode, Hirschhausen could give a speech on the state of the world. on a cargo bike.


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