“King of Palma” with Henning Boom on Ballerman: Fiction or Reality?

Isabel Killian | April 15, 2022, 6:15 pm

Palma King Henning Baum Series

Photo: RTL / Babe Bonet

Party tourism in Playa de Palma, craved by many today, saw its boom after the collapse of the German Democratic Republic. For the first time in a series, “The King of Palma” shows how Mallorca rose to become a tourist stronghold and how difficult the multi-million dollar business with Germans reunited in the early 1990s was.

Bucket drinking, (semi-naked) parties and bumblebee nights: Party bunnies know exactly what’s going on at Ballermann. But very few people know what the early history of Mallorca was like. The new series “King of Palma” wants to bridge this gap. Season 1 celebrated its online premiere in February – and will now also be available on free TV on RTL through Easter.

Lead actor Henning Baum spoke about his role as Matty. But the creators of the series also explained what makes the series so successful and that the story isn’t so fanciful…

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