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Movies, series and documentaries on this topic seem to be very popular at the moment. Five old and new recommendations.

Meanwhile, you can’t navigate through the TV show without passing the cooking program. And it looks like you’ve only made it as a chef when you can host your own show. There’s Jamie Oliver, for example, who pre-cooks his recipes in the series of the same name, or Swiss chef Andreas Caminada, who appeared on television as a juror on the series “Master Chef Schweiz” earlier this year.

Food-related productions are not only ubiquitous on TV, but also on big cinema screens or streaming platforms like Netflix. Five recommendations worth checking out.

1. «Boiling Point», 2021 by Philippe Barantini

What should it be like to work at a star company? The new movie “Boiling Point” answers that question. It’s about the fictional Michelin restaurant Jones & Sons in London, where chef Andy Jones and his team do everything in their power to meet the high demands and special desires of customers. There will be a range of so-called influencers who would like to serve up steak and fries at the star restaurant, which is not on the menu, or guests who would like to serve pink roast lamb more thoroughly.

As a spectator, you also feel the pressure that the restaurant team is under. A revealing movie that encourages you to have more understanding of any mishaps the next time you go to the restaurant.

2. «On the table in. . . » by Arte

German-French TV station Arte is known for its informative and yet exciting documentaries on a variety of topics. The documentary series “Zu Tisch in. . . » where the camera team travels to neighboring European countries and accompanies the daily lives of the locals, focusing on their culinary specialties. You are taken to the Greek city of Euboea, known for figs, or to Saarland, where dandelion is used in the kitchen.

What makes this format particularly interesting is the historical inclusion of the dishes. You not only learn what is eaten in specific places, but also why. The documentary series is a small piece of culinary history, wrapped in beautiful photos. You should definitely take a look.

3. “The Chef’s Table”, Episode Dario Sechini

Next time I go to Tuscany I have to stop by Antica Macceleria Cecchini. This goes back to the episode about the legendary butcher Dario Cecchini from Season 6 of the Netflix series “The Chef’s Table”, who is standing behind the counter there.

He really wanted to be a vet, but he followed in his predecessors’ footsteps and took over the family’s butcher shop, which he now runs in the eighth generation. In addition to “Antica Macelleria Cecchini”, it also operates several restaurants, such as “Officina della Bistecca”. But he does care to show his customers that not only can steak taste excellent, but there are also great recipes for all other cuts of meat. His charismatic nature and passion for animals are immediately apparent when watching the series.

4. “Tambobo”, 1985 by Jozo Itami

This Japanese comedy explores the relationship between love and food. The focus is on one dish in particular: ramen. It all starts with two truckers stopping at a break and satiating their hunger with a portion of Japanese noodle soup. When they give her unfavorable notes about what they eat, they decide to help the owner Tambobo improve her ramen.

In addition, the film is interspersed with many subplots that have nothing to do with the main story, but are always about food. For example, there is a housewife who rises from her deathbed to cook for her family one last time. An intriguing comedy for good entertainment.

5. Juliet Documentary on Netflix

She began her career as a chef in Paris in 1948, when American Julia Child enrolled in the cooking school “Le Cordon Bleu”. She is appointed to the introductory course for inexperienced housewives. However, when she was in charge of cooking school, she insisted that she be reassigned to the school which gave her more than just a smattering of French cuisine.

Ten years later she published her cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which had a huge impact on the eating habits of Americans. Then Julia reached a larger audience with the cooking program “The French Chef”.

Gorgeous character Julia Child in her Massachusetts kitchen in 1972. (Image: Getty Images)

Gorgeous character Julia Child in her Massachusetts kitchen in 1972. (Image: Getty Images)

The Netflix documentary “Julia” takes her story and uses archival material, portraits and stories from Julia’s friends and acquaintances to tell what makes Julia Child so unique.

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