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‘Britney vs Spears’ Netflix brings new revelations.Photo: Netflix

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Singer Britney Spears has been fighting her father’s guardianship in court for months, and it has been since 2008. There are always new developments in the case, and the media follows the process with great interest. Her life has been completely controlled for 13 years, and at 39, she is still not allowed to manage her assets on her own and has no authority to make decisions about her family planning, according to a hearing in April of this year. She even threatened to report her with the words, “My father and my administrator belong in prison.”

Now many documentaries are about the life of the 39-year-old girl. “Britney vs Spears” on Netflix will probably reach the largest audience. The film has been out online since September 28 – and comes with more discoveries.

Allegations against Director Lofty

“Nobody wanted to talk until they did,” says project manager Erin Lee Carr. Many of the star’s former confidants have their say. Medical information, messages and even purported text messages from Britney are said to report the photo.

“Britney vs. Spears” is not shy about controversial characters. For example, an important role is played by manager Sam Lutfi, which journalist Jenny Iliescu blames for the fact that Britney has been under guardianship for 13 years now. As Iliescu suspects, the “Toxic” singer was once faced with a fait accompli and was not given the opportunity to challenge her guardianship application or organize legal aid – although this was her right within five days. So the journalist accuses:

It’s dangerous and should be kept away from her.”

The allegations against Lufti go further, with Britney Lynn’s mother once claiming that he put drugs in the singer’s food. The director denies this in the Netflix production. He sees himself as a scapegoat to be publicly blamed for the guardianship.

Companions of Britney Spears provide insights

It is said that Britney was in a relationship with photographer Adnan Ghaleb when it was decided to have custody of her. He was out with Britney when he got a call from Jimmy Spears telling him to get home as soon as possible. When the couple arrived, it was reported that the police and security personnel were already there. Jamie has stated that he is now Britney’s guardian.

As Ghalib suggests, his partner at the time didn’t know how to classify the situation at first. He remembers: “They stand there and she freaks out, “What are they doing? Why are you here? Why is my dad in my house?” who are these people? Why are the cops here? “Any attempt to calm Britney failed at that moment.

Finally, “Britney vs. Spears” is also trying to track down Louise Taylor. She is the president of the Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group, which manages the artist’s finances. Erin Lee Carr claims she received a letter from her during production asking to be mentioned in the documentary. The director describes her reaction to it by saying, “I panicked,” but stresses that it is not uncommon to receive mail from Taylor when she is involved in the story. The letter also denies, among other things, that the Tri Star is in any way connected with the guardianship.

Even Britney’s former assistant Felicia Collotta can’t get much excited about Louise Taylor from her makers. “I don’t want to touch them,” she says, apparently for fear of the consequences.

Disclosure of a medical report

The filmmakers were contacted in 2020 by a new source who wrote, “I have thousands of confidential documents and emails from most parties involved in the trust. If you’re trying to verify anything, let me know and I can share with you what I have.”

Then Carr reveals that the source died at the expense of a doctor who resigned from the case in 2013. We are talking about a medical report dated March 5, 2008 that stated: Britney Spears is unable to understand or manage her finances without undue influence.

Interestingly, around the time the document was being drafted, Britney was back in business. So nothing could be right, so the director went to see the doctor in charge apparently. This in turn does not want to provide any information in “Britney vs Spears” at first, but later confirms that the signature on the document is his.


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