Deluxe Fantasy: Successful Revenge! The Football Association continues to “break into” the regional league!

A warm welcome from Sportforum Berlin, home of the glorious BFC Dynamo, the pinnacle of the rich and the beautiful. Here, where football is still played with passion and where the most beautiful VIP area of ​​the regional league can be found. There, the arsenal of fan articles seems to be greater than it is in some Bundesliga clubs and where the hottest women roam.

It’s Sunday, February 20, 2022 and it’s 1:00 p.m. The Sportforum Berlin is sold out today. Everyone wants to see this cracker. The archenemy of the quiet Babelsberg is a guest and he brought 317 handy fans with him. In the first half of the season, Babelsberg was the first team to steal points from the BFC. After Daniel Fran gave Potsdam the lead, Marcel Stetter equalized before the break.

Paul Wegener put Babelsberg ahead and thus within the final score. The first defeat of the season after 5 wins in 5 matches so far was confirmed for Al Ittihad. However, a look at the table reveals that the FA has not shown any weakness even after this defeat as it eagerly sweeps the regional league. With a current 62:20 goal and 58 points out of a possible 75, BFC is where it belongs, at the top!

The guest from Babelsberg is currently in seventh place in the table. At the first stop I poured cats and dogs, and today the “storm” has passed at the moment and it is not raining now. So the best preconditions for the “Vengeance” mission were determined.

The first few minutes fly by and both sides feel each other carefully before Joey Breitfield has a great idea. With a change of sides worth watching, he brought Darryl Geurts into play. Geurts wants to finish, but sees Beck who ran with him. Geurts’ wing reaches a long Beck which he complements with a noticeable side pull. 1-0 at PFC Dynamo in the 18th minute. The pitch is upside down!

Now BFC-Express is running at full speed and one chance after the next rains down on guest guard Jannick Theißen. In the 34th minute, Captain Bolash fired a shot at the crossbar from 37 yards. boy boy. This is sure to be a contender for the goal of the month. While the bar is still shaking, the next attack from the BFC is already rolling in. Wiegel’s arm also hit the bar from above. Aluminum pitch for BFC. With progress due 1: 0 we go to the cabin. half the time.

While the goal needed a fix in the first half (Beck’s shot hit the net and two hits broke the bar), we’re rewarding ourselves with one of the best pea soups on the planet. It is served fresh from a goulash and contains traces of bockwurst. Glorious thing!

The second half begins with a small rain shower. Many fans take the time to sit in the country club and watch the match on the 5 x 5 meter screen. When the rain stopped after 8 minutes, the fans returned to the stadium and watched Babelsberg’s first attack of the day. Etienne Nicole (son of Ronnie Nicole) tries a powerful low shot. Staglia saves the ball from the corner.

BFC pressed for the second goal, but the ball didn’t really want to go into the goal. 64 minutes played now. Two minutes later, Geurts left the field and was replaced by Steini. At the 70th minute Steini tries solo and a finish is worth watching. Schlinzer missed the target by millimeters. Regenerative singing that follows movements across the sports forum and aims to mobilize all your strength again.

Fran graduated from the octopus Dmitriy Staglia. He wants Christian Beck to play long ball. The ball flies, flies, hits and also beats Jannick Theißen in Babelsberg’s goal. 2-0 in favor of BFC Dynamo. Mad Scientist at Sportforum Berlin. Staglia herself does not believe it and does one somersault after another. The Giant is right by himself and must be replaced by Kevin Somer. haha. In the 88th minute there was a sudden excitement in the BFC box.

Tino Schmidt suddenly falls and the referee awards a penalty kick to Babelsberg. The offender wants to take the penalty kick himself, which often means a bad omen. Kevin Somer doesn’t care. It grabs the skin and expels the thing. Strong save! This was also the last action in the game and the BFC avenged the defeat 1:2 in the first leg. BFC remains the barometer for all things and rules in 1 position. In the next match, the BFC must play what could be the shortest away game of the season. On Friday, February 25, 2022, there will be a derby against Lichtenberg 47. Kick-off at Zuschki Arena at 7:00pm.

Somewhat confused? we will! The report could read something like this. But he does not do so because the match was canceled and postponed due to Corona.

Important: Today, tomorrow sports forum forever! Petition to expand the sports forum. (external link)

Staying with my sports regards and wishing you a nice Sunday and a happy start to the week. Utzki division in 2022, 13:43 CET.

Photos: Marco Bertram

> To the road turus tyre: BFC Dynamo

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