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After the most successful summer in its history to date, anchor ARD One begins fall with new highlights in the series and entertainment sectors.


These include the second season of the Grimme Award-winning series “Parlament”, new episodes of “Bauerfeind” and free TV premieres such as “Professor T”. From September, the additional audio track “Clear Language” will also be available for One.

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Ingmar Carrillo, Program Director and Deputy Director of Information, Fiction and Entertainment for WDR: “In July, it achieved one of the largest market share in its history at 1.3% and continues to be an important pillar for ARD Media Library. We want to build on this success with new highlights in the fall. We are excited Especially for the second season of “Parliament”, the first series that One is co-producing.”

The second season of France TV / One “Parliament” begins in the fall

The second season of the Franco-German co-production “Parlament” begins in October: the summer recess in the Strasbourg Parliament is over and Sami is looking for a new job. With the arrogant “Old Hand” demeanor, this time he believes that everything is under control. Together with his new boss, Valentine is working on the “blue deal”. A hot comedy about the actions of MEPs has already achieved great success on France TV in France. Johann von Bülow (“Murder by Scene”) and Martina Eitner-Acheampong (“Stromberg”) are there for the first time. Season one will repeat from October 17, and season two will start from October 31.

farmer enemy: In November, “Bauerfeind” enters its seventh season: Catherine Bauerfeind will once again welcome exciting guests on various topics at the studio in Berlin – in six new episodes.

Wednesday crime

On Crime Wednesdays, one will present “The Bletchley Circle” from 8:15 p.m., “Professor T” and “Agatha and the Truth of Crime” as a free TV show for the first time.

British crime seriesBletchley Circle(GB 2012, two seasons): During World War II, the English country estate ‘Bletchley Park’ served as a Secret Service base to decrypt German communications. After the war, four former cryptanalysts meet again and investigate a series of murders for themselves.

On September 28, a British adaptation of the Flemish crime series “Professor T(GB 2021, Season 1): Ben Miller embodies sharp-minded criminology professor Jasper Tempest, who helps his former students detective Sergeant Lisa Dunkers (Emma Naomi) and Dan Winters (Barney White) investigate and simultaneously his (wanting to control) his love life.

With the German TV premiere of the British TV crime thriller thriller “Agatha and the truth of the crime(GB 2018) One completes the successful productions of world-renowned crime writer Agatha Christie. But the start isn’t until January 4, 2023, so, to be precise, it’s already winter.

Tuesday excitement

The thriller series will continue on Tuesdays on One starting in September with “The Sister – Verbury,” “The Deceived – The Secret Crime,” and “Himmelstal.”

in “Sister – Buried(Comes Sept. 6) Nathan (Russell died) is shaken to the core after nearly a decade of his harmonious married life when an ex-acquaintance shows up at his door with shocking news, and a mysterious secret from Nathan’s past threatens to be revealed. (AR 2020)

in “Deceit – Secret Crime(September 20) Undergraduate student Ophelia (Emily Reed)’s world is shaken when she falls in love with her professor (Emmett J. Scanlan). After the tragic death of his wife, she finds herself trapped in the family home in a world where she can no longer trust her sanity. (AR 2020)

Swedish seriesHeaven Valley(From October 4th) A psychological drama and a very exciting movie at the same time. Identical twins Ciri and Helena haven’t been in touch for years. When Ciri unexpectedly asks her sister to visit her in a sanatorium, Helena initially hesitates. Soon after arriving in the Valley In the distant Alps, it becomes clear that Siri has her own goals.Unusual things happen and a nightmare begins for Helena.(Sweden 2019)

Highlights of one more series in the fall

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant in A Very English Scandal Photo: obs / TELE 5 / © Sony

very english scandal Hugh Grant He embodies Jeremy Thorpe, who caused a political earthquake in the late 1970s as the gay leader of the Liberal Party for inciting him to murder his former lover. (AR 2018)

In three parts, Quiz (GB 2020) tells the story of the real-life cheating scandal on the conjecture show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire that rocked British television 19 years ago.

British Worship SeriesWith umbrella, charm and bowler hatWith 1960s icon Diana Rigg as Secret Agent Emma Bell and Patrick McNee as her partner as John Stead begins November 13.

European film highlights

One of them also presents a selection of small and special European films in the fall. They include the first free-to-play French comedy “Madame Marguerite or the Art of Wrong Tones” (2015) and the French-Australian erotic drama “Days on the Beach” (2013) with Naomi Watts and Robin Wright. In the European co-production “Ginger & Rosa” (including Denmark, GB and Croatia, 2012), young actresses Elle Fanning (“The Great”) and Alice Englert (“Dog Power”) starred in their wild teenage roles in the 1960s.

The sci-fi drama “Melancholia” (2011) by Lars von Trier, the literary thriller based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel “The Owl’s Scream” (2009) and the French kidnapping drama “RIF – I will find you” provide the thriller (2011).

New: clear language

Starting September 1, the additional audio track “Clear Language” for One will also be available. Here, in addition to the stereo sound of the current TV program, a technically processed audio signal is transmitted that allows for better speech intelligibility.

Note: The entire program is available in the Media Library.

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  • hugh grants: obs / TELE 5 / © Sony
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