Comparison of sports broadcasting services – costs and offers

What sports broadcasting service does what? And what is the cost? We made the comparison.

The 2022/23 Bundesliga season begins on August 5th. Thanks to the distribution of broadcasting rights, anyone who wants to follow football matches live will have to be prepared for the confusion of broadcast providers again next season – and above all, they should go deep into their pockets.

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DAZN will broadcast 106 Bundesliga matches next season. 103 of them are exclusive. This includes all Friday and Sunday matches, which, with three exceptions, are now broadcast exclusively by the Munich streaming provider and are no longer on free TV or other pay TV stations. In addition, the live streaming service shows almost the entire Champions League: 121 out of 137 games are played live in Germany and exclusively on DAZN only. In addition, other European leagues and other sports are broadcast. This includes American sports such as American football, basketball or ice hockey, but boxing, darts and handball are also on the DAZN program.

sky / wow

Saturday’s matches in the German Bundesliga and the popular Bundesliga conference are only available to fans on Sky. The corresponding Bundesliga package costs €20.75 for new customers, after €32 per month. There are also all the matches of the second Bundesliga as well as all relegation matches and the Super Cup. If you also want to watch matches in the DFB Cup on Sky, you also need the Sports package. This costs €17.25 for new customers, then €25 per month. The Bundesliga and the combined sports package cost €40 per month at the regular rate (the series is also included in every Sky package). In addition to German football, sports package subscribers can also look forward to the Premier League, Formula 1 and other motorsports, as well as handball, tennis and golf.

Anyone who has previously used Sky Ticket should also be prepared for the changes. WOW is now the name of Sky’s alternative broadcasting show, which has replaced Sky Ticket. WOW also offers a large variety of Sky Sport. The Supersport subscription with the full sports offer is available for €29.99 per month or as an annual subscription with a special offer of €24.99 per month.

Amazon Prime Video

Since the 2021/22 season, mail order company and streaming provider Amazon have also been involved in broadcasting football matches in Germany. Amazon Prime Video focused on broadcasting the Champions League. In the 2022/23 season, Prime Video will broadcast the first match on Tuesday of each match day. This applies from playoffs through the group stage to the semi-finals. Prime Video will show a German team match on Tuesday as long as there is at least one German team left. However, Amazon does not offer any other sports broadcasts.

Amazon is also increasing prices for Prime customers. As announced by the US group, Prime customers will have to pay 8.99 euros per month from September 15 instead of the previous 7.99 euros. This corresponds to a rate of price increase of 12.5 per cent. In fact, the annual subscription fee increases by 30 percent from 69 to 89.90 euros. In addition to the best matches in the Champions League, the subscription also includes movies, series, and other Prime benefits upon shipment. The company justifies the price increase by “general and significant changes in cost due to inflation” which are “based on external circumstances beyond our control”.


but that is not all. UEFA Euro or Conference League fans need another broadcast provider. RTL has the rights to a total of 282 games in the two competitions since 2020. The featured games can be watched on free TV on RTL or on the Nitro channel. More only with RTL+ live streaming service. The RTL+ monthly subscription costs €4.99. With a subscription, you can watch more content, for example some TV formats, before they are broadcast and internally produced. However, it is not yet clear who will participate in the 1 FC Köln Conference League play-off matches.


Telekom and MagentaTV also own some football rights. Sports fans can watch all matches of the 2022 World Cup (16 of them exclusive), the third tier and the German Women’s Bundesliga with the Magenta Sport package. The package also includes all matches of the German Ice Hockey League (DEL), as well as the best matches of the German national ice hockey team and the German Cup. Additionally, MagentaTV offers a wide range of basketball programming. This includes all matches of the German Basketball Association (BBL), the BBL Cup and the Euroleague, as well as the matches of the European Basketball Championship 2022 and all matches of the German national team. Magenta Sport costs 4.95 euros per month for Telekom customers with an annual subscription, or 9.95 euros per month. For subscribers who do not have a communications contract, the annual subscription costs 9.95 euros per month and the monthly subscription is 16.95 euros.

digital sports

Anyone interested in football outside of German and European competitions will get their money’s worth at Sportdigital. Sportdigital is the live football platform around the world. The portal owns the rights to a total of 21 football leagues and competitions from Asia, South America, Africa or smaller leagues from Europe such as Poland, Holland or Turkey. Sportdigital also offers magazines and documentaries about international football. The streaming provider offers daily, monthly, and yearly passes to access your media library. With a reserved ticket, users can then watch all broadcasts from Sportdigital without restrictions. A daily pass costs €2.99, while a monthly pass is available for €4.99. The annual ticket costs 44.99 euros.

Other Live Streaming Shows

In addition to football and the major streaming providers, there are also other platforms that have plenty of live sports up their sleeves. But even there it is not so easy to track.

Gwen +

The live streaming service Joyn+ in Munich also presents sports programs and documentaries in collaboration with Sport1 and Eurosport. From American football to tennis and basketball to Formula E, winter sports and esports, Joyn+ offers plenty of live sports. There are also some football rights such as the national under-21 team. In addition, users will find more than 60 TV channels on the platform, including SPORT1, Eurosport 1, and Red Bull TV – even for free when you sign up. A monthly subscription to Joyn + costs 6.99 euros.


SportdeutschlandTV is a live broadcasting service of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) that specializes in broadcasting smaller leagues such as the Second Division of Handball as well as marginal sports such as handball, beach volleyball and table tennis. SportdeutschlandTV is basically free to use, and only a few premium videos are uploaded.

Public and private broadcasters also offer more live streams (also free) in their media libraries or websites, for example at larger events such as the World Cup or the 2022 European Championship in Munich.

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