Celine Dion between fantasy and reality

Paris – At the age of thirteen she released her first record, and after seven years she has already produced 14 albums and won many gold records. Celine Dion is one of the most successful pop singers in the world.

The film “Aline – The Voice of Love” tells about the unique fate of the Canadian singer, who became a world star as the youngest child in a family of 14. The result is a film somewhere between humorous fiction and animated reality.

The drama shows the most important stages in the life of the singer, who was born in the Canadian province of Quebec: her childhood in Charlemagne in poor but harmonious conditions. Her first hits came with the song “Ce n’était qu’un rêve” composed for her by her mother and brother, Jacques. Her meeting with producer, director, and later husband Rene Angelil, who died in 2016, and the birth of their three children.

secret love

A touching story because it depicts the woman behind the artist. The film shows a singer who fell in love with her producer, when she was young, at the age of 26. Secret love at first her mother tried to stop it. The film revolves around a singer who was struggling to conceive and a wife who had to say goodbye to the man in her life who was suffering from cancer in January 2016.

Her career unfolds to the beat of Dion’s greatest hits, sung by French Victoria Seo. The protagonist Aline Dieu, who has everything about the real singer in the movie except for her name, is played by French actress Valérie Lemercier, who also directed the movie. The star plays as a young girl, a teen, and in her late forties. A bold choice that annoys you at first but convinces in the end.

Tribute to an idol

Lemercier’s fictional biography is as funny as it is poignant, confusing, and sometimes a bit cheesy. But she is always full of sympathy. Because the 57-year-old is a big fan of Dion and wanted to pay tribute to her idol.

In France, the film was a huge hit with 900,000 viewers in just two weeks after its theatrical release in mid-November. Also at the Cannes Film Festival. There he was warmly welcomed by the competition.

Criticism from the family

Part of the Dion family was less enthusiastic. Her brother Michel Dion told Canadian media that the movie he saw with his sister Claudette was not quite what they expected. He does not know the language, nor his family, nor their roots.

On the other hand, Lemercier defends her work. The French-Canadian production – apart from Lemercier – is represented by actors from Quebec, where the film premiered at the end of November. The actress and director told Canadian newspaper La Presse that she knows she doesn’t emulate the accent very well, even though she worked with a Quebecer during filming.

However, Lemercier did not want to make a documentary with “Aline – The Voice of Love”. This is a movie. She explained in “La Presse” that there are things that are not true. This includes scenes in which her producer and director – Guy-Claude Camard in the film – asks for her hand in Italy with a diamond ring hidden in its ice. Or how she gets lost in a huge suburb and climbs the window of her parents’ house in her huge wedding dress.

Le Mercier said: I have captured a vision between fantasy and reality. But she certainly didn’t make fun of Celine Dion. And the debt itself? She didn’t have to watch the movie yet.

Aline – Voice of Love, France, Canada 2021, 126 min, FSK oA, by Valerie Lemercier, with Valerie Lemercier, Sylvain Marcel, Danielle Fishud

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