#BookoftheWeek: How dystopia depicts our society

dystopia You’ve always fascinated me. And it’s not just because of the powerful heroes who somehow always manage to save the world. What has always frightened me the most is that this future, described bleakly in books, is not far from our own. Best dystopia I’ve read so far it always will be Be the Hunger Games. why? I don’t want to deprive you of that.

How does dystopia depict our reality?

There is dystopia and eutopia. When eutopia deals with the positive future, the dystopian book is about an imaginary future that ends badly – and at the same time can be eye-opening. Because what is imaginary must not remain fiction.

In many cases, dystopias aren’t just completely fictional books, but It has something to do with our real reality. This is where the “frightening factor” comes in. Because while many books exist specifically to escape reality, this book plays right into an immediate and not too distant future that might open some eyes.

Because if certain conditions in our society remain the same, There can only be a bad result. The book shows how close the bitter reality is to our reality and our social system hunger Games One of the most famous dystopias of our time.

The Hunger Games by Susan Collins: Social drama meets wrestling games

I think I was out of elementary school when I first read the Katniss and Peeta series. Perhaps the content that dealt with death, destruction, corruption and suffering really wasn’t appropriate for a ‘little girl’.

However, I was and still am more than happy That I was lucky enough to see this book before the hype of the movie. Believe me: even if the movies are some of the best adaptations I’ve ever seen, this book is very much worth reading.

The book is about a dystopian future centered around the Panem community. The world as we know it no longer exists. What remains is a country run by a corrupt and unscrupulous government that has introduced the Hunger Games. These games are designed to “honor the past” and when Katniss finds herself in the power games surrounding the Hunger Games and beyond, she realizes just how much is going on behind the scenes in government.

The worst thing about the Hunger Games looking like wrestlers: Only one can and should survive. So as Collins uncovers corrupt games of power in the Capitol (the seat of government in Panem), Katniss has to fight for her life alongside PETA and at the same time starts a revolution.

How Suzanne Collins does a social critique with this grim reality

Susan Collins co-created hunger Games Not only with Katniss a heroine, That gave many young readers the courage to stand up for their rightsTo take to the streets and make a difference. At the same time, social criticism of the US government was drawn between the lines.

She herself said that the inspiration for hunger Games Literally crossed her way: When switching between TV programmes. When I then watched a report on the war in Iraq on one channel and a funny reality format was playing on the other channel, I realized that something could not be here. Because while people suffer, others are making a fortune through various shows.

Desperate author Susan Collins has created more than just a story with The Hunger Games. picture: IMAGO / ZUMA Click via canva

She takes this reality TV aspect of suffering as the main hook for her book – The Hunger Games is broadcast live, commented on, and supported by various sponsors: Inside. this is side of peeping It makes the whole thing more terrifying than it really is.

The Hunger Games: It could soon look like this to us too

Of course, there won’t be any hunger games taking place anytime soon. However, the attributes of this dystopia can already be seen in our society. From corrupt power relations to class differences (Different districts in Panem are a good example of this) modern voyeur Almost everything is there. And only dystopias like this create a new perspective on these injustices in our society.

As mentioned earlier, Susan Collins creates not only criticism, but also hope. When I first read this trilogy, Katniss is a role model for me. She stood up for the things she wanted, stood her ground, and still cared about others.

For many other readers, this heroine became not only a fictional image of hope, but also a real one. Several demonstrations at that time featured Mockingjays (The Katniss Symbol) or quotes from the trilogy.

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Mockingjay has become a sign of rebellion for many outside the book as well. picture: IMAGO / cover photos via canva

This once again shows that books can create hope and go beyond the act of reading. Because even if such a Panem-like future had already begun, it shouldn’t have happened like this. Therefore, we must take the heroine of this novel as a model and avoid this miserable reality. Isn’t there a little Katniss in all of us who wants to fight for the good of the world?

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